Cooking Show with Andreu Genestra on the 17th of June
A fabulous Michelin Star culinary experience and one night´s stay in our luxury hotel

Chef's exhibition with a Michelin star Andreu Genestra

In 2011 Andreu Genestra decided to open his own gourmet restaurant at Hotel Son Jaumell. Three years later in 2014, he was awarded his first Michelin Star, acknowledging a style of cooking that pays tribute to honoured flavours of the past as well as his homeland, Majorca. His dishes are prepared with products, hand-picked directly from his own garden, measuring 6,000 squared metres, where vegetables and herbs are carefully cultivated in an effort to infuse Mediterranean flavours into all of his creations.

Majorcan cooking – Live show

Meet Chef Andreu Genestra up close and personal on Saturday the 17th of June at 12:00, as he entices us with Majorcan flavours combined with innovative. At Hotel Son Jaumell de Capdepera, our rural paradise, we have organized a fabulous weekend for foodies like you! This unique experience includes the cooking show with our Michelin Star Chef, a night in a luxury suite with breakfast included, a bottle of cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and a welcome basket of delicious fruits!

Join us as our guest and you will be fortunate enough to savor Andreu Genestra´s outstanding creations and Majorcan drinks during his live show. Without a doubt, Chef Genestra´s spectacular cooking show will captivate your senses and entice you with mouth-watering flavours, making this a truly memorable Majorcan culinary experience.

Andreu Genestra has been able to transform his passion for cooking into a way of life. You will be pleasantly surprised by his ability to combine tradition with innovation in the preparation of all of his dishes. His goal is to leave you with a love and appreciation for Majorcan cuisine during your stay at Hotel Son Jaumell. He aims at infusing happiness into each and every one of his dishes so that these moments of pleasure will be forever etched onto our minds.

Gourmet getaway in Majorca

Hotel Son Jaumell welcomes you to enjoy an unforgettable stay, the weekend of June 17th. A romantic getaway for two, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the rural setting at our hotel, offering all the luxuries and conveniences that you desire during your stay. Comfort, design and exceptional personal service will accompany you this weekend as you discover the sensational flavours of Majorca.

Get carried away and immerse yourself in this unique gourmet experience. You will have the privilege of watching a chef, who has trained with the best and whose culinary career has taken him all over the world. He employs original ideas while respecting the flavours from the past and tops it all off with his love for spices. Chef Genestra highlights the use of spices in cooking and gives them the prominence they deserve, in particular, the Tap de Cortí paprika, which he has converted into an indispensable ingredient in his work. This spice is a Majorcan-grown product which provides color, aroma and flavour to food and the famous Spanish cold meats “embutidos,” tantalizing your taste buds at our next Cooking Show at Hotel Son Jaumell.