4 places you must visit in Capdepera Castle
Enjoy breathtaking views and explore medieval customs as you visit 4 unique places in Capdepera Castle

A visit to the majestic town of Capdepera in Majorca will transport you to a different place and time in history. With its impressive archeological sites, great architectural heritage, beautiful natural landscape, and innovative cuisine, Capdepera is the ideal destination for your next holidays. Let us explore Capdepera Castle, one of this town´s most cherished sites, and discover four of its most spectacular treasures.

Capdepera was founded in the year 1300 when King Jaume II, by royal decree, ordered the construction of the town for the purpose of uniting, housing, and protecting the residents within a fortified, walled enclosure. This amazing fortress was thus built around one of its watchtowers now known as Miguel Nunis. As you will see during your visit, the castle is perched upon a hill, giving it a strategic location from which to view the adjacent lands and the sea channel separating the two islands of Majorca and Minorca.

1. St. John´s Church (Iglesia de San Juan)

Finding a place where you can enjoy panoramic views in Capdepera isn´t a difficult feat. However, for breathtaking views, we recommend St. John´s Church, located on the highest part of the architectural complex where you can gaze at the channel that separates the two islands. On a clear day, you can even see as far as the island of Minorca.

2. The Tower of Miguel Nunis (Torre de Miguel Nunis)

Also worth the effort is a visit to the Tower of Miguel Nunis, an observation tower which was impressively built on a square foundation. Dating back to the Islamic era, it houses a windmill called The Windmill of EnCofeta. As you explore the space between the towers, you will slowly discover the well-preserved castle walls which provide meaning to the fortress. Enjoy a walk through this fortification where the castle, a declared cultural heritage site (BIC), reaches the height of its splendor.

3. Medieval Market

If you wish to delve deeper into the culture and history of Capdepera, we recommend a stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets, taking you back in time to the Middle Ages. If your trip to the Capdepera Castle coincides with the third weekend in May, you can enjoy the Medieval Market celebration which takes place inside the walled fortress as well as the surrounding areas, allowing visitors to immerse themselves entirely in the experience of the Middle Ages.

4. The Governor´s House

After touring through The Castle and its wealth of history, we propose a visit to The Governor´s House, located within the ancient walls. There, you will discover more about the customs and traditions of Capdepera by exploring The Llata Museum (El Museo de la Llata), housing a permanent display which details the artisan process of harvesting, drying, bleaching, and weaving of palm leaves for the purpose of manufacturing products such as baskets, brooms, and similar items. This handicraft was an essential economic activity in Capdepera until the advent of tourism.