5 essential summer dishes at Senzill Bistro this summer
Andreu Genestra’s Senzill restaurant offers a summer menu of fresh salads, paellas, seafood & vegetables

Proposal of dishes for this summer by Andreu Genestra

Enjoying lunch outdoors on a restaurant terrace is one of the greatest pleasures of summer. At Senzill Bistro, located in Hotel Son Jaumell, you will delight in having incredible meals on its tranquil terrace from 12:00-10:30pm. Andreu Genestra, our Michelin Star Chef, creates refreshing dishes filled with tantalizing Majorcan flavours and carefully cultivated products, hand-picked from his own garden. Dine on the terrace, under a soothing pergola and get ready to savour Genestra´s delectable cooking at Senzill Bistro: Spectacular, fresh Michelin Star dishes served at Hotel Son Jaumell.

Chef Genestra and 5 refreshing dishes at Senzill

This incredible restaurant offers an amazing menu that has been completely updated for summer. High temperatures cause considerable changes in our appetite and energy levels so we tend to fancy more refreshing flavours and lighter meals. At Senzill, Andreu Genestra infuses his cooking with cool citrus flavours and uses little fat, opting instead for healthy grilled dishes, perfect for summer in Majorca. The best way to fully appreciate the Michelin Star chef´s concept of summer cooking is to simply try his culinary offerings. Here are 5 fabulous dishes you will savour with each bite:

1.Joselito salad with cured Spanish ham (jamón), quinoa and roasted tomatoes

2.Grilled chicken wings served with a mustard sauce

3.Creamy rice and beet root salad with goat cheese and walnuts

4.Sautéed squid, accompanied by a medley of fried vegetables

5.Cuttlefish meatballs served with a passion fruit sauce

What better way to enjoy these fabulous delights than on the relaxing terrace of Senzill, where fresh salads, exquisite Spanish hams, grilled summer flavours, and freshly picked vegetables from the restaurant´s own garden await you this summer.

We mustn´t forget to mention our amazing paellas and rice dishes. These all-time favourites that characterize popular Mediterranean cooking are the highlights of the restaurant´s summer menu. What better place to enjoy fresh seafood such as cuttlefish and squid than by the beautiful sea. Chef Genestra´s incredible culinary expertise is always present in his cooking. His loyalty to traditional flavours and his respect for fresh local ingredients will impress you with every bite!

A menu filled with Michelin Star flavours on the restaurant terrace at Hotel Son Jaumell

If you like recommendations from the Chef when dining at a restaurant, you must try the special tasting menu offered at the bistro of Hotel Son Jaumell. Every fortnight, this menu is updated with innovation, freshness, and quality. In addition to the 5 special dishes and the tasting menu, Senzill offers a delicious veal tartar, smoked shrimp, and a seafood paella.

As you will see for yourself, the salads, tapas, paellas, fish, shellfish, tartars and especially the summer vegetables are the highlights of Senzill´s summer menu. This casual and unique restaurant offers a simple way of cooking that pays homage to the products and flavours of Majorca.