Art and literature at Son Jaumell

A hotel with character

When visiting Mallorca, each person looks for something different. There are those who yearn for the waters of the Mediterranean, others who just want to relax in its beautiful surroundings, others who want to sample its typical dishes, and still others who want to experience the culture of the area. You can do all this and more on Mallorca – it’s a holiday destination that has everything!

At Son Jaumell, we always seek to help our guests experience our island in the best possible way. In addition to enjoying the wonderful natural surroundings, we also want you to be able to enjoy the history, art, and culture of the region displayed on the walls of the hotel.

Many different types of artwork adorn the hotel’s walls, perfectly complementing the island’s traditional architecture and natural beauty. Stone, tradition and art come together in a beautiful symbiosis. Paintings, murals and literature have all been portrayed in the different projects that Son Jaumell has carried out in recent years.

Creating inspiring spaces

With the aim of creating an environment full of life and art, Son Jaumell has promoted a cultural cycle called "Sentits de la Inspiració" (or "Senses of Inspiration"), which brings together different artists within the hotel environment.

In this cycle, the first activity was developed by the Mallorcan artist Ana Cabello, who created a mural inspired by the unique characteristics of the area and one that today is part of our hotel’s story. Through her mixed media artwork of acrylic paint on paper and collage, the artist created a large piece of work but one which spares no detail.

Throughout this event, we sought to foster the connection between artists and guests, in a natural, inspiring environment. The mural took several days to finish, and our guests were able to watch the artist as she worked, and to connect with her and her artwork.

This piece by Ana Cabello has a close relationship with the island, its culture, and the hotel, using different elements that represent them all. In the mural, we can see a reference to the importance of handicrafts in Mallorca, with the presence of several hands and a braided palm tree that runs through her creation. It also receives inspiration from the hotel’s natural environment, with the presence of typical plants such as lavender, rosemary or fennel. In one single contemporary mural, you can appreciate the traditional and current culture of Mallorca in detail.

Areas full of history

In 2016, Son Jaumell created a special link between the hotel and literature, two paths that were always interconnected, but not so vividly. Hotels served as places of inspiration and creation for many an artist, and Son Jaumell wanted to revive this link with the 2016 Room Project.

The first artist that Son Jaumell received was the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, who arrived at the hotel in September to live and work there. Once again, this cultural experience brought together artists and visitors, thus generating a constant connection between the two.

The writer, who was awarded the Princess Asturias Award for Arts in 2017, has always maintained a very close relationship with Spain and particularly with the island of Mallorca. Through this cultural experience, Son Jaumell served as a retreat for Adam Zagajewski while he created new material, and you can capture his presence in the Poet’s Room, a Junior Suite that remembers the artist’s time at the hotel.

Art both inside and outside the hotel

Mallorca’s natural surroundings are an inspiration in themselves, and the hotel seeks to replicate that inspiration within its walls with different cultural activities that bring visitors and artists together in an idyllic setting. Through these events, the hotel stands out as a point of reference in the island’s cultural and artistic environment.

Mallorca is constantly promoting the creation of high-quality cultural tourism to attract new visitors to its shores, with different activities that integrate culture in a natural environment. At Predi Son Jaumell, tourism and art come together to create an unforgettable rural hotel.