Chef Genestra gives a special Autumn welcome at Son Jaumell
Bestsellers 2019. The best of our Michelin starred chef, Andreu Genestra

Autumn gives Mallorca a whole new atmosphere. The days are getting shorter, the walks are getting longer, and people are savouring the flavours more slowly. The temperatures are still very pleasant and the sun is reluctant to leave us. At Son Jaumell, we’re welcoming Autumn in with our Michelin Star Chef, Andreu Genestra. Andreu's favourite dishes from all over 2019 gathered in an unrepeatable tasting to celebrate a spectacular season.

Bestseller 2019

Bestseller 2019 is a very special menu, prepared exclusively for the occasion by Genestra, a unique and unrepeatable menu that brings us the Michelin Star chef’s best creations, brought together in eight unforgettable dishes. They are all dishes that have a special connection with our land of Mallorca and its culinary traditions. Andreu offers an experience that encompasses all our senses. Flavours, aromas, textures, and the surroundings of Son Jaumell all combine perfectly in this gastronomic opportunity that we’ve prepared especially for the occasion.

If, on the contrary, you’d like to enjoy Genestra’s gastronomic offerings little by little, then our Bistro Senzill offers a different dish every day from his list of favorites. There’s no excuse not to welcome Autumn in - and in the best possible way!

Autumn’s here, and the holiday season is coming to an end at our Predi Son Jaumell Rural Hotel. And what better way to celebrate it than with this unique, unrepeatable offer - an experience designed to thrill us in every way.

Special offer

In this special offer that we’ve prepared, two nights await you in our luxurious suite complete with a Jacuzzi bathtub. You’ll receive a complimentary cava and some delicious fresh fruit, and you’ll enjoy breakfast every morning without a care in the world, surrounded by history, tradition and an inspiring landscape. You’ll also enjoy a special massage for two, and be able to savour Michelin Star Chef Andreu Genestra’s Bestsellers 2019 selection. This offer will end on November 3rd – it’s an unrepeatable opportunity to recharge your batteries and discover unique sensations in Mallorca that you’ll never have experienced before. And, if that weren’t enough, you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine directly from our vineyards in the comfort of your own room.

These two days will pamper your senses! Two days to bid farewell to the summer, and to experience a unique Autumn Mallorcan welcome.