Unique breakfasts with flavoured waters & eggs a la carte
Genestra proposes eggs from his own free-range hens & flavoured water for breakfast at Hotel Son Jaumell.

Michelin star breakfast in Mallorca

One of the most enjoyable moments when you are on holdays is breakfast time. It´s as if time stops to awaken the senses: the smell of coffee, new flavours and special food presentations make the first meal of the day an absolute delight. At Hotel Son Jaumell, an exclusive hotel surrounded by nature, you will feel complete tranquillity as you savour the unique breakfasts created by Chef Andreu Genestra. Flavoured waters and eggs a la carte from the hotel´s own farm raised hens are a great way to begin your days on your holidays in the countryside of Majorca.

Water infused with the flavours of Majorca at Hotel Son Jaumell´s unique breakfasts

A happy day begins with a succulent breakfast and new flavours are sure to make it a unique experience. Chef Genestra suggests trying his special flavoured waters. Lime, orange, and spearmint are just some of the special Mediterranean flavours the chef uses to add zest to the water selection. And of course, we mustn´t forget the added nutritional value of the sun-ripened fruits of Majorca.

Although the special water selection doesn´t appear on the menu, refreshing flavoured water will be served at your table every morning. Every day there is a new surprise. “Our clients love citrus flavours,” says Chef Genestra who also suggests “a cup of regular or herbal tea and a slice of homemade cake,” to complete the delicious breakfast. The Chef´s carefully prepared flavoured waters are a very healthy and very Mediterranean way to start every day on your Majorcan holidays.

Chef Genestra´s free-range hens and eggs a la carte

On the Son Jaumell ranch, Chef Genestra cultivates his own vegetable garden and raises his own hens, about thirty of them. The variety of hens include australorps, auracanas, moñudas, guineas or Alaskan hens.

These free-range chickens are the highlight of the fabulous breakfasts at Hotel Son Jaumell. The eggs are offered a la carte with a choice of fried, boiled, scrambled or oven-baked among others. The guests are free to personalise their requests.

In addition to choosing how they would like their eggs cooked, the variety of hens that are raised at Hotel Son Jaumell allow guests to make other choices such as having eggs without cholesterol. The auracana hens are the ones that produce these unusual eggs with blue-coloured shells and dense yolk. These eggs also have a more delicate flavour than other eggs.

As Chef Genestra points out “these free-range chickens have a tranquil life” and in addition to laying eggs, “they eat the weeds in the garden and the organic material that is discarded from the kitchen.” These hens are well-cared for by Chef Genestra and his team, so they can continue to provide us with culinary delights and rich flavour at breakfast time.