4 reasons for choosing a country hotel in Mallorca
The best way to relax on your holidays is by staying at a country hotel in Majorca, surrounded by nature.

Why choose a rural hotel in Mallorca?

Choosing Majorca for your holidays is always a good idea, and if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, a country hotel is the best option. You can enjoy the serenity of a hotel surrounded by nature and help support the rural development of the area. One of the many reasons for choosing a hotel with charm in Majorca, is for its incredible restaurants and their culinary creations based on locally grown ingredients. Rural tourism in Majorca has a lot to offer, and staying at a hotel outside of the city centre is the best choice for a memorable holiday.

1. A country hotel surrounded by nature

The country hotels in Majorca are usually located in natural settings with landscapes comprised of beaches, mountains, forests, and other wonders. These unique areas allow you to breathe in fresh air, enjoy breathtaking views and relax in the beauty and serenity of nature. In addition to offering tranquillity and beauty, their proximity to nature also makes it easy to participate in outdoor sports such as hiking or cycling. There are so many special places in Majorca where you can enjoy a relaxing walk or cycle through the streets of Capdepera during your stay on the island. These fabulous holidays await you at Hotel Son Jaumell.

2. Peace and serenity on your holidays in Majorca

Holidays are a perfect time to disconnect from your daily routine and opting for a country hotel is the best way to find the serenity you are searching for. Majorca offers charming hotels such as Hotel Son Jaumell which take care of every detail of your holidays and offer exceptional service. A stay in a country hotel will give you just the tranquility and silence that you need on your holidays.

3. Rural development and charming hotels

When choosing the best location for your stay in the countryside, you tend to search for small towns with fewer habitants. Sometimes, these country hotels are older constructions that have been restored and renovated into fabulous hotels while preserving their history. These hotels provide the best atmosphere in which to enjoy charm and tradition, while being provided with the latest comforts and amenities possible. By choosing a charming country hotel for your holidays in Majorca, you are also supporting the development of the area and contributing to the local economy.

4. Tourism with Majorcan cuisine at Hotel Son Jaumell

Food lovers will also enjoy a stay at a country hotel, especially if the hotel offers Majorcan cooking with culinary delights prepared with ingredients and products from its own gardens or vineyards. Majorcan cooking that can be savoured in the restaurants of these types of hotels are characterized by locally grown products which produce traditional yet innovative dishes. Andreu Genestra’s culinary creations at Hotel Son Jaumell in Capdepera, are a perfect example of this type of fascinating cuisine.