Festival in honour of St. Bartholomew in Capdepera
From the 17th to the 25th of August, Capdepera offers various activities in celebration of St. Bartholomew

What are the main festivities of Capdepera?

On the 24th of August, Capdepera honours its Patron Saint, St. Bartholomew with a grand celebration. This incredible town in Majorca is preparing its summer festival with scheduled activities from the 17th through the 25th of August. A few days before the festival (from the 9th through the 16th of August), the residents of Cala Ratjada, the population centre of Capdepera also hold a celebration in honour of their Patron Saint, St. Roch (Sant Roc). For many years now, both festivals have been celebrated together. Take the opportunity to visit the centre of Capdepera during your stay at Hotel Rural Son Jaumell to participate in its traditional festivals or visit its Medieval Castle.

“Nit del Foc” in Capdepera, a tradition of Majorca

The St. Bartholomew festivities in Majorca begin on the 17th of August with the traditional “pasacaglica” music or cercavila (“pasacalles”), performed by the town band which is accompanied by a band of bugles and drums who lead the way to the commencement of the celebrations. This year, the heralds (los pregoneros) will be Toni Mestre (better known as Toni Máster), and Tolo Encina, who are members of the Gabellí music group called 'Los que nadie quiere' who have been participating in this festival in honour of St. Bartholomew for 21 years.

One of the most popular traditions of the St. Bartholomew celebration is the Nit del Foc (Night of Fire), which takes place on the 18th of August at 11:00 pm. A group of young people (some dressed up at demons), parade around the narrow streets of Capdepera for two hours, running, dancing, and jumping amidst fireworks. The Cultural Association of Solera Gabellina, in charge of the entertainment for this Fire Fun (correfoc), unites a large percent of the locals and visitors in this exciting event.

Fiesta Blanca and “Sopar a la fresca” – highlights of the festival

One of the activities that has become increasingly popular each year and is now a traditional part of this festival in Capdepera, Majorca is the Fiesta Blanca (The White Party). The City Council of Capdepera invites you to participate in this event and recommends that you wear white. This celebration takes place on the 19th of August at midnight.

The habitants of Capdepera, Majorca known as Gabellins, reunite once again in the popular Sopar a la fresca (open air dining) which welcomes all the residents and tourists who are interested in gathering for the soiree in the Plaça des Sitjar square. The feast usually begins with live music, followed by a dance in which everyone can participate. For many locals or Gabellins, this mass feast, which also contains the awards ceremony for the festival sign contest, is the highlight of the festival.

These celebrations in Capdepera end with water games, theatre events, expositions, bonfires, sports activities, and a horse race in the Es Cavaller countryside. The festival in honour of St. Bartholomew comes to an end on the 25th of August with a performance by the town band, and a spectacular fireworks show.