Discover the natural charm of Cala Ratjada
Recommendations for an enjoyable visit to Cala Ratjada: nature, culture, and spectacular coves

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An old fishing village that has become a bustling hub of here what makes Cala Ratjada so special.

With its natural charm still intact, the town of Cala Ratjada in Capdepera has so much to offer its visitors. This area started out as a simple fishing village, but its natural beauty began to attract more and more national and international tourists.

Far from being influenced by this large increase in tourism, Cala Ratjada maintains its traditional essence, combining old fishing boats with the huge cruisers that visit its coasts in the summer. Despite being the main coastal port in the area, this town retains its natural beauty and atmosphere, coexisting in perfect harmony with all the tourist amenities.

It is considered one of the main tourist destinations on the island of Mallorca, offering more than 25 miles of coastline with many beautiful coves and bays blessed with fine sand and crystal clear waters ready for its visitors to discover. However, the spirit of Cala Ratjada also lies in the history of its old houses and ports, which proudly stand out among the modern hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Natural bays and coves

We couldn't talk about Cala Ratjada without mentioning its spectacular coves, which make bathing in this part of the Mediterranean a truly unique experience. One of the great characteristics of the area, which we can apply to the whole island of Mallorca, is its great respect for the environment. They consider nature to be their most important resource, and look after it accordingly.

It's because of this respect for their natural resources that we can enjoy beautiful coves with fine sand and crystalline waters along the area's coast. Each of the coves has a different type of beauty; their individual characteristics make them unique and special settings. There are sandy coves, stony ones, and others dominated by trees, but all of them are unforgettable.

A good way to explore the coves is to follow the promenade that connects the small and tranquil Cala Gat with the pebble beach of Cala Sa Pedruscada. Along the way, you'll be able to admire picturesque landscapes, discover some old fishermen's houses, and also pass through Cala Son Moll, a rather more urban beach.

As you continue this walk, you'll come to the Capdepera Lighthouse, where you'll be able to admire one of the best views in the whole area. It's located on a cliff 58 meters above sea level, and you'll be able to see some incredible landscapes, and even the island of Menorca on a good day.

Only 15 minutes from the town center, you'll find Cala Agulla, a sandy beach that stands out from the rest of the beaches because of its unique location, hidden away among the pine forests. It's an ideal cove for hiking and admiring the region's spectacular beauty.

Cala Ratjada has always been an area of constant economic and cultural exchange, as well as being a stepping stone to another Balearic land, the island of Menorca, their very close neighbour.

Cala Ratjada has so much more to offer you

Even though it was only a simple fishing village, the charm and beauty of Cala Ratjada have made it a popular area among tourists. Its natural charm remains, but it also has an excellent range of good quality restaurants, shops, and hotels available to visitors.

Because just over 6,000 inhabitants live there all year round, this area still retains its typical beauty, giving the feeling that you are walking through the streets of a village from another era. And, even though in summer it is full of visitors, it's still a place of great charm and cultural relevance.

In addition to the wonderful coves that you can find in the area, this town offers surroundings that are brimming with history and culture, offering many different possibilities for all its visitors. One of the most popular walks in the town is in the marina, where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere by the sea and admire the sunset in one of its bars or restaurants.

To learn a little more about the culture of the area, you can visit the Sa Torre Cega fortress, which was transformed into a palace belonging to the March family in 1911. It's a house-museum that dazzles with its architecture, but also with the art collection it boasts inside. Originally it offered protection against pirates who wanted to loot the fishing village, and now it is one of the most-visited attractions in Cala Ratjada.

Nor should you miss the traditional Saturday market, a unique activity which will help you get to know the area a little more.

The town is very close to the Predi Son Son Jaumell Rural Hotel, and offers its visitors a natural charm, tradition and culture, the likes of which you'll never have experienced before. Enjoy the natural and historical paradise of Cala Ratjada on your next visit to Mallorca.