Excursions to the Llevant Peninsula Nature Reserve
3 nature trails for those who love hiking and discovering the nature reserve & protected areas of Majorca.

Hiking routes in the peninsula of Levante in Majorca

The towns of Artá and Capedepera in Majorca are lucky to have the amazing Llevant Peninsula Nature Reserve. Officially declared a National Park in 2001, it consists of two reserves: Cap de Ferrutx and Cabo des Freu. On the trails of this incredible nature reserve, you will encounter the beautiful coast of Majorca and the Balearic mountains combined with the island´s rich traditions. In addition, you will have access to three farmhouses which were later converted into mountain retreats: casa s’Alzina, Ses cases dels Oguers and S’-Arenalet. Hotel Son Jaumell’s close proximity to this area, allows you to enjoy hiking trails throughout this Nature Reserve and discover different types of Mediterranean habitats as well as a Special Protection Area for Wild Birds in Majorca.

1. From Es Verger to Albarca, a walking route through the protected areas of Majorca

This excursion between the old farmhouses of Es Verger and Albarca is a 3-kilometre trail filled with panoramic views through hillsides and land which was used for agricultural purposes. With each step, you will gaze upon the cliffs called Ses Murades that surround the valley of Es Verger. Behind you, the Albarca mountain pass gives access to the farm from Artá. On your walk, you will notice rare birds such as the Booted Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Red Kite which use the crags as a place to reproduce, transforming this haven into a place of special interest for its wealth of fauna. The trail takes you to the Olive groves of Ses Monjoies from which we obtain an exquisite, organic olive oil. The route ends at the old farmhouses of Albarca. The S’Alzina farmhouse is now a remote, tranquil mountain retreat.

2. Penya Roja Fountain – a spectacular walking trip through nature

The Penya Roja Fountain route is a simple trail that leads you to the mountainous area of the Park, following the Penya Roja torrent. The trail begins in the s’Arenalet des Verger pine forest, one of the few that has survived the repeated forest fires in the area. You will then cross a dense field of Arbutus trees (strawberry trees) before arriving at ses Cuines. Just before this fabulous route comes to an end, the torrent and the trail intertwine for the ninth time revealing a spectacular landscape in Majorca. You will be pleasantly surprised to find the Fuente de la Penya Roja springing up from the torrent among the reed plants. The water from this spring contains lime which precipitates over the rocks in the form of calcium carbonate and traps the reed plants, fern and moss on the inside of the limestone.

3. Camí de s’Esquena Llarga – a hiking route filled with tradition

This route runs through the mountain ranges from Camí dels Presos to the mountain retreats of Es Oguers and S’Arenalet. The trail that goes through the Es Verger farm offers panoramic views of the Artá Mountains which reach as far as the capes of Capdepera and Es Freu. As you continue on the trail, you will leave behind the torrente de S’Arboçaret and discover highpoints such as Puig des Porrassar and the Son Jaumell Watchtower. The landscape during the first part of this route boasts pampas grass and fan palm trees. The latter has been vital to the economy of the area as the process of palm weaving (llata) results in the production of baskets, brooms, hats, hampers, and floor mats which make fantastic souvenirs from Majorca. You will have an opportunity to visit the Fan Palm Museum (El Museo de la Llata) at the Capdepera Castle on your holidays to Majorca. Coming around the final curves of Es Verger’s s’Arenalet route, you will be greeted by the s’Arenalet coast and another impressive mountain retreat called des Oguers.