The best beaches to do snorkelling in Mallorca

Mallorca’s amazing natural surroundings are one of its greatest attractions, and they stand out for their spectacular biodiversity on land and at sea. To truly discover all that this island has to offer, visitors can practice different sports that immerse them in nature itself and allow them to discover these impressive landscapes.

Among all the water sports on offer, one of the most popular is snorkelling, as it allows you to discover the Mediterranean’s beautiful marine life. It’s a sport that doesn’t require much effort or equipment, and any adventurous person can do it. So, if you’d like to experience all the biodiversity the island has to offer on your next visit, then you’ll need to know which are the best places to go snorkelling in Mallorca.

Cala Llamp

This is one of the most popular places to snorkel in Mallorca, because of its crystal clear waters and the gentle currents that make it so easy to explore. It also boasts stunning beauty and is easy to reach by car. At Cala Llamp, you can find pebble subsoil, which offers better visibility compared to a sandy one.

Cala del Moro

Many consider this to be the most beautiful beach in Mallorca, and it only takes a few minutes’ walk to reach it. As we approach it, it’s easy to see why it has earned this title, hidden among the cliffs with its dazzling beauty and crystalline waters. Its narrow beach is highly recommended for snorkelling in Mallorca as its rocky bottom favours the presence of aquatic plants and a great variety of fish.

Cala S´Almunia

Located near Cala del Moro, this little part of the island also offers great beauty and is popular with snorkellers. In general, this beach will tend to attract visitors who are trying to avoid the bigger numbers at Cala del Moro. Due to its rugged rocks and underground caves, it’s a perfect beach to discover the marine life of the Mediterranean.

Cala Figuera

Another popular place to snorkel in Mallorca is Cala Figuera, a beach that can only be reached on foot. It has calm, crystal-clear waters and a pebble bed that’s ideal for snorkelling. It’s also a very quiet area where you’ll be able to enjoy nature and the wonderful views for hours.

Cala en Basset

This is a small rocky cove, which is very popular because of its peaceful and beautiful surroundings. To go snorkelling in Mallorca, we recommend that you arrive early and use a safety buoy to protect you from the boats. This special place is near the Sa Dragonera marine reserve, which boasts all kinds of beautiful species.

Cala Tuent

On the north of the island you can find this small cove, which is ideal for snorkelling in Mallorca because of its pebble subsoil and crystal-clear waters. It’s protected by mountains at each side, and is accessible via its pebble beach, the jetty, or a boat trip from Port de Sóller.

Cala Mitjana

Among the crystalline water beaches on Mallorca, Cala Mitjana really does stand out as being one of the most renowned on the island. Besides being a spectacular place to spend your summer days, it’s also a good place to go snorkelling. Due to the length of its bay and the rocky surroundings, it’s an ideal beach for long snorkelling trips.

Cala Estellencs

In the area of the Serra Tramuntana, you’ll find this small rocky cove which is somewhat difficult to reach, but which, at the same time, offers a unique place for snorkelling in Mallorca. It’s recommended for those who have more experience as it’s very deep, and you’ll need to use water shoes.

Explore the depths of the Mediterranean

There are so many things to discover on this beautiful Spanish island, and snorkelling in Mallorca can be a great option to get to know the marine biodiversity of the island. Among all the water sports you can practice, snorkelling is still one of the most popular as it lets you do it at your own pace, and it’s the perfect way to get to know all the popular beaches in Mallorca.

When you go snorkelling, you must remember that you’re just a spectator, and that you must respect the marine life you find, to ensure that Mallorca’s beauty isn’t spoilt in any way. We all need to look after the island's biodiversity, so that everyone can enjoy it. Start planning your next trip to Mallorca and include a route that will take you to the best beaches on the island – snorkeling will help you appreciate everything it has to offer.