The best gifts in Mallorca

Ever since people began travelling, souvenirs have been a way for visitors to take home a little piece of their experience there. Although, for a long time, people were happy enough to make do with a magnet or a key ring, nowadays there’s a strong tendency to look for souvenirs that are original and authentic, in order to really capture the essence of the travel destination.

On your visit, we want you to find the gifts that best capture the rich tradition, history and beauty of the island of Mallorca. That’s why we’ve devoted this article to finding the best souvenirs you can buy in Mallorca. Read on and we may surprise you!

Souvenirs to delight your palate

Although these are souvenirs that will only last a short time, each of them are typical of Mallorca and ideal for sharing with friends, family or simply to relive your visit to this wonderful island when you’re back home.

Among the best known typical Mallorcan products is sobrassada, a sausage made from pork and paprika, with salt and spices. It’s a homemade product and you can take the flavour of Mallorcan sausages back home with you.

As on the Spanish peninsula, Mallorcan olive oil production stands out for its quality and great taste. It has the "Oli de Mallorca" designation of origin. It’s a quite simply indispensable element of the Mediterranean diet and something that shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen after your visit to the island.

For drink lovers, the Angel d'Or liqueur is something you just can’t miss. It’s an alcoholic drink created from the oranges grown in the Tramuntana Mountains. It’s a liquor with a fruity, yet bitter, taste, and it’s a perfect addition to your suitcase of memories!

Made in Mallorca

If you’re looking for typical Mallorcan gifts that will last forever, then you’ll need to get to know the island's artisan culture. In the different markets on Mallorca, you’ll find craftsmen and craftswomen who carry with them years of tradition and trade, and everyone agrees that they create real treasures.

Roba de llengües is the name of a very popular Mallorcan souvenir. They’re pieces of cloth made using the thousand-year-old ikat technique. This term refers both to the way the fabric is woven and also to the manufacturing of the final product, which may be a tablecloth, napkins, cushions, a bag, or a blanket, among other things.

These products usually have geometrical designs with colours relating to nature and the Mediterranean Sea, which will remind you of your visit to Mallorca. These fabrics are made from cotton or linen and are dyed with natural dyes. Ikat is a technique that originated in Asia and has been part of the Mallorcan tradition for several generations.

Other great gifts to buy in Mallorca are straw baskets or senalles, ideal to adorn any part of your house. You can find this product in many different shapes and sizes, from containers to bags. You’ll probably want to take more than one, but make sure you have enough space in your suitcase!

The manufacture of glass objects is also widespread on the island. Blown glass is very famous and has been made by hand in Mallorca since the 14th century. You can find models to fit in with your home decoration in many different shapes and colours.

And, finally, we can’t fail to mention another of the most renowned industries in Mallorca: the manufacture of leather objects. Leather shoes are prominent on the island, especially in the city of Inca, which is nicknamed Ciutat de la Pell, or City of Leather.

You will find many shops selling leather shoes and accessories, but the best known model on the island is the avarques or abarcas. It’s a perfect sandal for the Mediterranean way of life, made of leather with a rubber base. You’ve probably have seen this design before, and it’s a great idea for a souvenir to take home from Mallorca.

A souvenir to never forget the island

When we travel, it’s good to avoid unoriginal gifts that you’re never going to use, and look instead for an element that can perfectly represent and capture the essence of your holiday destination. That’s why we decided to bring you this article about the products that stand out most on the island, and to ensure that you take home a truly Mallorcan souvenir.

You’ve seen all the original gifts you can buy in Palma de Mallorca, and we’re sure you’ve now got a better idea of what to look out for on your next trip to the island. You’re now well prepared to surprise your loved ones and also to have great memories of your time here.