Mallorca, nature at its purest
A veritable paradise, known mainly for its white sandy coves bathed by the gentle waves of the Mediterranea

A veritable paradise, known mainly for its white sandy coves bathed by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, Mallorca is a perfect destination to enjoy the best beaches around, but the truth of the matter is that this island has so much more to offer. In every part of its territory, Mallorca’s natural surroundings will amaze you with their unique landscapes – nature at its purest!

Any time of the year is the perfect time to visit this island, which offers a great variety of tourist activities related to its incredible and varied geography. During your visit, you’re sure to find so many charming places that will make your stay truly unique. Visit Mallorca at your own pace and discover all it has to offer!

A unique and spectacular paradise

When we think about Mallorca’s landscapes, we can’t help mentioning Sierra de la Tramuntana – an unmissable destination. It’s the main mountain range in the Balearic Islands, located in the northwest of Mallorca, and has been a World Heritage Site since 2011. It’s also a favourite with those who want to immerse themselves in nature by hiking, climbing, or cycling.

Very close to the mountains, we can find one of the most extensive natural parks on the whole of the Balearic Islands: Parque Natural S'Albufera. It’s a wetland area, separated from the sea by dunes that are more than 10,000 years old – a perfect area for enjoying the island’s flora and fauna.

Cabrera National Park is anotherof Mallorca’sunmissable natural areas, and is located on the archipelago of the same name. It’s a natural reserve that has been protected since 1991 and is one of the best-preserved in the whole of Spain. You’ll be able to discover the richness of the Mediterranean ecosystem, both by land and by sea.

If you’re passionate about birds and unspoilt natural landscapes, then you should visit the Mondragó Natural Park. It’s one of the natural areas of Mallorca that’s part of the Natura 2000 Network, which has the aim of preserving the biodiversity of the area.

On the island of Mallorca, sustainable and responsible tourism has allowed it to preserve its incredible landscapes practically intact. Both its inhabitants and the island’s companies have carried out their activities under these criteria, thus transforming this Mediterranean island into a natural paradise for humans and animals.

Explore the rocky geography of the island

Geographically, we could say that Mallorca resembles a hollow rock, and nature has shaped a labyrinth of internal caves which offer the more adventurous visitor a unique chance to explore.

Covas del Drac is the most famous of these caves. They’re located in Porto Cristo and boast a spectacular internal lake that you can cross by boat. It’s a truly amazing tour, where you’ll discover what resembles an underground city and landscapes that you could never have imagined. When you get to the lake, you’ll be greeted by some overtures of classical music which combine to create a truly unforgettable moment.

In the east of the island, near Canyamel, we can find the Covas de Artá, another of the most popular attractions on the island of Mallorca. The incredible size of these caves, coupled with its impressive entrance that directly faces the sea, these caves are certainly unique. Inside them, you’ll discover different rooms, with names such as the Cavern of Hell, Sky Cavern, and the Cavern of Bells. In the latter, you’ll be able to strike the huge hollow stalagmites to create a sound similar to that of clanging bells. In that cavern, you’ll also be able to see one of the tallest stalagmites in Europe, at 22 metres high.

In addition to its caves and rocks, the particular geography of the Balearic Islands has formed cliffs and landscapes that mix rocks and the Mediterranean in perfect equilibrium. To illustrate this, you can visit Es Pontàs, an incredible natural feature in Mallorca formed by marine and wind erosion. Its unique stone arch attracts many visitors every year who are keen to discover its incredible natural landscapes.

Among all the natural attractions in Mallorca we mustn’t forget to mention its beaches and coves, which are hidden among the island’s intriguing landscapes. These are the most popular places on the island, due to their spectacular beauty and the characteristic vivid blue of the Mediterranean. There are more than 250 beaches on the island, and some of the most beautiful are Torrent de Pareis, Cala S'Amarador, Caló Des Moro and Playa Es Trenc.

Discover some unique Mediterranean landscapes

Its dream landscapes and enormous variety of activities make the island of Mallorca an attractive destination for all kinds of people, and at any time of the year. Thanks to its sustainable and rural tourism, its natural essence and landscapes have remained largely unchanged. Besides the wonderful beaches, Mallorca’s landscapes and nature have so much more to offer with its completely different, but equally dazzling, attractions. Mallorca is an island that maintains its charm all year round and is just waiting for you to discover it!