Traditions on the island of Mallorca
Mallorca is a holiday destination bursting with all the essence of the Mediterranean, as well as its unique

Mallorca is a holiday destination bursting with all the essence of the Mediterranean, as well as its unique culture and idyllic landscapes. Despite its turbulent history, Mallorca's traditions are still intact and attract all kinds of tourists keen to learn more about its festivals, celebrations, handicrafts, and gastronomy.

Despite being one of the most popular destinations in Spain and the world, Mallorca has maintained its original, traditional essence. It’s an enclave that, due to its strategic position, has passed through the hands of many different civilizations that have enriched its history. Read on to find out about some of Mallorca's customs that you can discover on your next visit.

Take part in the Mallorcan festivities

As on the whole of mainland Spain, there are many celebrations of religious origin on the Balearic Islands, and Mallorca is no exception. Every month of the year you can enjoy different festivities, meaning that this is a perfect destination to visit at any time of the year.

Each city and town has its own traditions, but in any part of the island you’ll be able to enjoy different festivities that have maintained the same festive and joyful spirit for hundreds of years. In these celebrations, music, fire, dance, and parades are elements that you simply mustn’t miss.

One of the most eagerly-awaited festivals of the year is Sant Bartomeu, which honours the patron saint of Capdepera. It’s celebrated in the summer and its most famous event is the nit del foc, where people and spirits join in a dance amidst the fireworks.

Another very famous celebration is the Moors and Christians Festival in Pollença, which recreates the invasion of the pirates into the town, which defends itself until they’re vanquished! All the people on the island take part in this August celebration which commemorates the original event which took place in 1550.

Easter’s a time when the Mallorcan traditions truly shine, with processions and religious activities of all kinds. The most eagerly awaited is Crist de la Sang, where different brotherhoods on the island dress up in traditional clothes and lead the procession through streets full of devotees.

If you’re lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve in Mallorca, then you’re bound to experience the cant medieval de la Sibil-la, which has been declared a cultural heritage event by UNESCO. It’s an experience that makes your hair stand on end and immerses you fully in Mallorcan history – you can enjoy it during Midnight Mass in the Mallorcan churches.

Several celebrations are held on the island every month to remember different events throughout its history – events that either honour its patrons or celebrate its culture. When planning your visit, look out for the festivals you can enjoy that month and soak up the Mallorcan culture.

Get a real taste of Mallorca’s history with its gastronomy

A great way to get to know the culture of a place is through its typical dishes. An area’s gastronomy speaks a lot about its history and traditions, and this is especially true in Mallorca.

Mallorcan traditions also permeate its cuisine, with recipes that are passed on from generation to generation, using the most typical products of the area. Among the most popular dishes, we can find the frito mallorquín (whose recipe dates from the 14th century), arròs brut, sobrassada, botifarró, camaiot, and ensaïmada, all typical of the island.

This is also the case in the world of wine, with local wines that have been produced in the same wineries for many years, using traditional methods to ensure an exquisite result - an ideal opportunity to savour the traditions of Mallorca!

Handicrafts and culture in the island’s markets

Through its craftsmen, many of Mallorca's traditions are kept alive, and these continue the legacy of those who came before them. These days, under the motto of sustainable and responsible tourism, Mallorca has managed to preserve the characteristics that make each of its regions unique.

In the different markets held throughout the island, you’ll be able to get closer to the artisan traditions that are still very much alive after so many years. Created from natural and local materials, each piece contains the whole history of Mallorca and its people.

Experience the traditions of Mallorca

One of the most attractive features of this Mediterranean island is how its people have managed to keep many aspects of their culture intact, despite the large influx of tourists and globalisation. It’s this authenticity that attracts the thousands of tourists who visit the island every year, seeking to enjoy its landscapes and also to learn about its rich and interesting culture.

Through its landscapes, festivals, and food, you can get closer to a culture shaped by several civilizations over the centuries. Why don’t you discover the charm of Mallorca’s traditions and customs on your next visit?