“Cooking with products from my own garden makes me happy”
Vegetables & herbs from the garden are key ingredients at Genestra’s restaurant at Hotel Son Jaumell

Kitchen with own product of Andreu Genestra

Chef Andreu Genestra’s work at The Restaurant of Hotel Son Jaumell is highly regarded by locals and tourists in Majorca for combining culture, tradition, and innovation. Vegetables represent a great part of the tradition in Majorca. “We are a large farming community and vegetables make up for 75% of our gastronomy in Majorca,” Andreu Genestra points out. It is important for a chef to cultivate his or her own garden to provide fresh vegetables for the restaurant creations as well as motivate the culinary team to offer the best in Mediterranean cooking.

Chef Genestra pays tribute to Majorcan cuisine

Before opening the doors to the restaurant, the garden was already top of mind for Chef Genestra. The idea of creating a vegetable garden like old times was already underway before the restaurant began its course in April of 2011. Many years ago, Son Jaumell was one of the largest and most important ranches dedicated to farming in Majorca: “For this reason, we should pay tribute to that time period and celebrate the splendor of what Son Jaumell was then and now,” says Chef Genestra.

The chef has everything at his fingertips to create the most well-rounded dishes: “The flavour, the product, the technique and logic,” explains Andreu. His work has a unique identity which has already earned him a Michelin Star, making him feel completely content: “Cooking with products cultivated in my own garden is something I truly enjoy, as I am able to provide the best of our land and the authentic flavours of freshly picked vegetables to our guests,” notes the Chef at Hotel Son Jaumell. See for yourself and enjoy a romantic evening at the restaurant.

The garden takes teamwork and represents tradition

In addition to offering fresh local ingredients, the garden also unites a culinary team who share the same values. “I believe the best way for the team to understand the significance and hard work that goes into cultivating a product is for them to care for and pick the products themselves,” notes Chef Genestra. Therefore, it is the cooks and chefs themselves who pick the vegetables daily, just as they ripen.

The garden provides 6,000 square metres for cultivating local Mediterranean products with traditional wisdom and offers up to 80 different vegetable varieties. However, Chef Genestra is very clear on one thing: these 11 essential ingredients are indispensable in his cooking and come directly from his garden:

- 12 varieties of tomatoes
- Wild strawberries
- Chives
- Peas
- Tender broad beans
- Sugar Cane
- Fresh Herbs
- Cauliflower
- Pumpkins
- Swiss Chard
- Beetroot

These are the key ingredients at the restaurant which is as fantastic as it is due to the fresh vegetable garden by its side. Chef Andreu Genestra’s cuisine offers experiences: “To provide a complete dining experience we must offer all that we can produce.” Because of this philosophy, he goes one step further and creates wine, olive oil, bread, vermouth, and gin. All you have to do is choose between The Restaurant at Hotel Son Jaumell or Senzill Bistro and enjoy the fabulous cuisine of Majorca!