Grape Harvest at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural

Our hotel’s impressive estate boasts some truly excellent grapes that we use to produce our own wines that bear the brand name Predi Son Jaumell..On Friday the 28th of August we celebrated our grape harvest here at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural. It was an amazing experience for our hotel guests as they’ve had the chance to watch the gradual growth and ripening of the grapes, take part in the harvest and, finally, to enjoy tasting them in our wine tasting sessions.

Our grape harvest: step by step

The Son Jaumell estate has already said its final farewell to the grapes which have been growing and ripening for the last few months. The vineyards cover an area of two hectares, from we’ve harvested some 6,000 kilos of the giró variety and 7,000 of the cabernet sauvignon variety. With these exclusive grapes we produce our own wines, reds and whites, all boasting the full flavour of the land at Son Jaumell.

Although the grapes are grown right here at Son Jaumell and are blessed with the very best of the land and sun, once they’re harvested they’re taken to Felanitx. The traditional winery, Armero i Adrover Vinicultors, continues the winemaking process that began in this rural hotel in Mallorca. Then, around four to six weeks later, the grapes return to the Hotel, now transformed into some truly amazing wines. This winery, in addition to its partnership with us, also collaborates with the chef Andreu Genestra to create the wines that are served in his restaurant.

The wines of Andreu Genestra

Andreu Genestra loves to offer his clients products created directly by his team, and so, in addition to keeping his very own vegetable garden, he also makes his own wine in collaboration with the winery in Felanitx. Wines with truly exceptional characteristics.

•Young fresh white wines

The giró ros grape variety provides enough potential for a white wine that can also be used in its second year without needing to be stored in barrels.

•Young rosé wines, light and very fruity

Pale pink in color, this wine goes down well and is really refreshing.

•Red wine

A fruity wine, with hints of cabernet sauvignon – a black fruity flavour with a touch of spice and pepper. This red wine can be enjoyed until its third year.