Wines from Son Jaumell
Wines with soul: the flavours of Mallorca and the expertise of Andreu Genestra at Son Jaumell

In Mallorca, there is a wine tradition that goes back hundreds of years, one which has always been driven by the quality of its production. Mallorca is a holiday destination that’s a great favourite with wine lovers, who enjoy the exceptional wines from our island.

Wines with history and passion

In Mallorca, there are several wine cellars that go back centuries, with high-quality production and artisanal roots. National and international recognition can be seen by the award of the prestigious Denomination of Origin label for two of the island’s wines. Here, tradition and innovation meet to delight the visitors’ palates, taking advantage of the island’s wonderful setting and scenery.

It’s through your sense of taste that you can really get to know a holiday destination, and there’s no better experience than savouring the island’s flavours and tastes, as you accompany the typical Mediterranean dishes with high-quality native wines. A few years ago, in honour of the wine tradition that surrounds us at Son Jaumell, we decided to produce wines on our own land, seeking to create unique flavors to delight our guests.

From our vineyard, we create our very own wines that are designed by the renowned Chef Andreu Genestra, who, in his restaurant and in the Bistro Senzill, creates a perfect combination of the products and flavors of Mallorca, both on your dish and in your glass. At Son Jaumell, you’ll be able to live out an immersive and unique experience, in which you’ll get to know about the production of wines from beginning to end, all in a natural and hands-on environment.

From our vineyard to your wine glass

In an area of more than two hectares, the grapes that will soon be made into wine of the highest quality are slowly forming. There you can find the Giró and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties, and we collect about 6,000 and 7,000 kilograms respectively at each harvest time.

Once all the grapes from our vineyard have been collected, they are transferred to the Felantix company, where the traditional Armero i Adrover Vinicultors winery will take on the task of producing our wines. After about four to six weeks, the bottles of wine are ready and people will soon be savouring the delightful aroma and taste of Son Jaumell as an accompaniment to Andreu Genestra's dishes.

During the harvest, we offer a large number of activities that allow you to take part in a unique, sensory experience. The hotel director, Susanne Turowski, says: "Our guests love the experience, they value the Predi Son Jaumell brand very much, and they love the fact that it’s their own wine. They love seeing the vineyard every day, it is something very special for them." Guests can get to know the Son Jaumell vineyards during their stay, and enjoy different wine tastings.

At Son Jaumell, we produce white and red wine, which stand out for their distinct flavours, whilst always maintaining the close contact with the island. In the words of the director, “the white wines are defined by their citrus aromas and flavours, and the reds have an essence of raspberry”.

The Chef’s chosen wines

One of the hallmarks of the young Chef Andreu Genestra is the quality of the ingredients that he uses, creating dishes and wines closely related to his homeland. Thanks to this passion for his homeland, this Mallorcan Chef wants to recapture all the flavours that the island has to offer in his Cuina de la Terra.

Andreu Genestra is one of the biggest names on the island, having been awarded a Michelin Star and a Sun recommendation from the Repsol Guide. His gastronomic restaurant and Bistro Senzill offer unique dishes and wines, and, together with Felanitx, he produces wines stamped with his own identity, ably assisted by his head waiter and wine connoisseur, Joan Arboix.

With his three different varieties of wine, Andreu offers options for all tastes. With the giró ros grape, he has created a white wine characterized by its youth and freshness. Being of such a high quality, this wine can also be tasted in its second year, without having to store it in barrels.

He also offers a rosé wine that is also considered a young wine, with a light texture and a very fruity flavor. With a pale pink color, this variety of wine goes down very easily and is very refreshing. Finally, we come to his red wine that is made with cabernet sauvignon grapes, giving it a dark fruit flavour, along with a hint of spice and pepper. This fruity wine is intended to be tasted between its first and third year.

In Mallorca, you’ll experience a natural environment that will awaken all your senses. You’ll be able to savour the island’s flavours in its dishes and its wines. At Son Jaumell we’ll always offer you unforgettable, unique cuisine and wines, inspired by the spirit of the Mediterranean, which will etch themselves on your memory.