Autumn Fairs in Mallorca: An Absolute Must on Our Island


Autumn in Mallorca means it's time for festivals and fairs! Many of the island's towns and villages hold markets and one-off flea markets or fairs where a wide variety of products - usually food-based - are displayed on the streets. Fairs in Mallorca are a true delight for all the senses!

Typical Mallorcan Autumn Cuisine

PFor gastronomy lovers, autumn is a very special season, because it's the time of the year when certain foods highly-prized by the Mallorcans are on offer again. By way of an example, we have buñuelos (fritters), very typical Mallorcan delicacies made of potato and sweet potato. They're eaten on the Day of the Virgins, the 21st of October. 
Chestnuts are another typical food at this time of year, and they're eaten when the cold weather sets in. In fact, it's common to find street vendors selling chestnuts, deliciously roasted over charcoal. 
Fritters and chestnuts are two products that are usually found in the autumn fairs on the island, which number more than 40! Here's a summary of the most popular ones. 

Ferias en mallorca en otoño

Dijous Bo Fair

PThis is popularly known as the "Great Fair of Mallorca". Dijous Bo is the most famous one-day fair or market on the island. It's held in the town of Inca, located in the centre of Mallorca, on the fourth Thursday after the feast of Saint Luke. 
Dijous Bo turns Inca into a meeting point for merchants, traders, artisans, tourists and curious people from all over the island, in a market with an outstanding festive atmosphere.

Inca is transformed into a huge market where you can enjoy all sorts of Mallorcan traditions and customs. At the fair you can find all kinds of typical Balearic cuisine products. and, above all, products made from the Mallorcan black pig.

Pollença Craft Fair

This Mallorcan fair is a very good opportunity to find unique Christmas gifts. It also supports small businesses and Mallorcan craftspeople. Located in the north of the island, Pollença is a charming coastal town, and, if you visit Mallorca in the autumn, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit it when their fair is on.

Oliva de Caimari Fair

Mallorcan olive oil is a product with its own denominación de origen, and is highly appreciated by all those who have tried it. The olive fair is a very good chance to taste all kinds of virgin olive oil. It's held in the beautiful and picturesque village of Caimari, located at the foot of the impressive Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. 
And, to celebrate olive oil and olives, the town square is filled with stalls full of products based on this product, including olive-oil-flavoured ice cream! 

Ferias en Mallorca. Un must.

Llubí Honey Fair

This fair is all about honey and bees. The town of Llubí, located in the heart of the island, prepares to celebrate and, in all its central streets and sidestreets, there are small stalls selling different types of honey, as well as cosmetics made with this product. An unmissable fair for honey lovers! 

Mancor de la Vall Mushroom Fair

This is one of the most unusual fairs in the whole of Mallorca. If you get the chance to visit it, you'll find out all about the famous Mallorcan variety of mushrooms, popularly known as "esclata-sang", which is highly prized on the island. 
This seasonal product is prepared in many different ways for tasting and many typical Mallorcan dishes include this highly-prized product. The fair features numerous stalls where you can taste many different types of mushrooms, and there's a traditional parade known as "La Nit del Foc" (The Night of Fire). 

Santa María del Camí Wine Fair

At this fair, visitors will get to know the vineyards of the region, and will be able to take part in wine tasting.
Don't hesitate to visit them if you're lucky enough to be spending a few days in Mallorca. Discovering and sampling them is a great way to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, just like the real Mallorcans do.