Discover 10 Eco-Friendly Stores in Mallorca


Today, we want to talk about a topic that is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives: responsible and sustainable consumption. Specifically, in Mallorca, a new wave of eco-friendly stores is emerging strongly. These establishments not only offer environmentally friendly products but also promote a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

In this article, we will discover together some of the best eco-friendly stores in Mallorca, their star products, and how they are contributing to changing the landscape of local commerce. Are you joining us on this green journey? Let's get started!


Sustainability is a topic that has gained a great deal of importance in today's world. As the global population grows and natural resources diminish, the need to shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices has become increasingly clear. One way we can contribute to this change is through our purchasing decisions, opting for eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Eco-friendly products are those produced sustainably, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can harm the environment. They also tend to be local products that do not require long transportation distances, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Buying eco-friendly products has many advantages, among which we highlight the following:

  • Firstly, they are healthier since they do not contain residues of pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Secondly, by purchasing eco-friendly products, we support local farmers and producers, which helps to strengthen the local economy.
  • Thirdly, eco-friendly products tend to have a better taste, as they are grown in healthy soils and harvested at their optimal point of maturity.
  • Fourthly, by choosing eco-friendly products, we are voting with our money for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food system.
  • Finally, eco-friendly products are often more ethical, as they are produced under conditions that respect workers' rights and animal welfare.

In our rural hotel Predi Son Jaumell, we take great pleasure in caring for the privileged natural environment surrounding us, and for this reason, we are committed to environmental and sustainability efforts. Within our facilities, you will find the Bistró Senzill Restaurant, where you can enjoy popular cuisine made with locally sourced products. A testament to our commitment is our own garden, from which we daily harvest the produce used in our dishes.

Predi Son Jaumell


If you live in Mallorca or plan to visit, you're lucky to have access to a number of eco-friendly stores that sell a wide variety of products, from food to household items. Here are ten eco-friendly stores in Mallorca we recommend:

  1. Biokalma: Located in Palma, this store offers a wide range of eco-friendly products, including food, cosmetics, and cleaning products.
  2. Ecoquchu: This store in Manacor specializes in eco-friendly products for babies and children, including clothing, toys, and diapers.
  3. Ecorganic: With several locations across the island, Ecorganic is a supermarket that sells a wide range of eco-friendly products.
  4. Sa Biosca: This store in Inca offers a selection of organic foods, as well as personal care and household products.
  5. Veritas: With several stores across the island, Veritas is a supermarket chain that specializes in a diverse range of eco-friendly products.
  6. Agro Verd: Located in Alcudia, this store sells a variety of eco-friendly products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, eggs, and olive oil.
  7. S'hort de sa Vall: This store in Manacor offers a selection of seasonal eco-friendly products, many of which are grown on their own farm.
  8. Lo Vegano: Located in Palma, this store specializes in vegan and eco-friendly products.
  9. S'hortet: This store in Sóller offers a variety of eco-friendly products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, and wine.
  10. Terra Verda: Located in Palma, this store sells a wide range of eco-friendly products, including food, cosmetics, and cleaning products.

tienda ecologica mallorca

By choosing to buy eco-friendly products, we're not only making a healthy decision for ourselves but also contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet. Now that you know about some of the eco-friendly stores in Mallorca where you can purchase these types of products, what are you waiting for to opt for this more planet-friendly consumption alternative?