Fishing in Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the most extensive in the whole world. The simple fact of being the largest of the islands means that there are a high number of professional fishermen and numerous shops selling fishing products. 

One of the most popular types of fishing in the Balearics is rock fishing. Do you know what it is? Here we'll explain it to you!

Rock fishing, the most frequent type of fishing in Mallorca

Rock fishing is a technique that consists of fishing in a quiet and relaxed way, either from the shore or from a boat. In order to carry out this technique, we must be very careful to avoid cutting, breaking or entangling the material. We must be alert and anticipate what’s happening both in and out of the water, as well as having a lot of patience!

In Mallorca, this type of fishing is very widespread, since, in its more than 500 kilometres of coastline, there are so many locations with rocks, cliffs, capes and rocky outcrops, all of them ideal for fishing.

It’s important to remember not to catch very small fish. It’s quite common to come across this kind of fish in this type of fishing, and you’re obliged to throw them back into the sea. Responsibility is vital!

The raor, a fish that causes a stir

If there’s one fish coveted above all others in Mallorca, it’s the raor. Its fishing is one of the most traditional practices on the island and it’s one of the most highly valued species for several reasons. The main reason is that, in culinary terms, its meat is highly prized for its exquisite flavour. The most common way to cook it is fried and it’s usually sold at exorbitant prices in the market. Many people think that the raor is overpriced. We recommend you try it to find out for yourself.

Raor fishing is very well regarded as a recreational activity, as it can be carried out with the family. However, the fishing season opens on 1 September and the best thing is to go by boat to areas not too far from the coast, as it’s a fish that seeks sandy bottoms to protect itself, camouflaging itself in the sand when it feels threatened.

However, if your stay on the island doesn't coincide with the opening of the raor fishing season in Mallorca, you can also fish for white grouper.

Whatever the case may be, going sailing and fishing along the coasts of Mallorca is a great activity, and, here at Hotel Predi Son Jaumell, we would highly recommend it if you're going to come to Mallorca for your holidays.allorca en vacaciones.