Glassblowing in Mallorca, Cultural and Material Heritage


Hotel Son Jaumell is committed to traditional craftsmanship and that is why many of the objects you'll find in our hotel are made using the glassblowing technique. Each piece is unique, different, and exclusive - none of them is the same. Below, we'll explain what glassblowing consists of and what makes these pieces so special.

MANUFACTUREproducción vidrio soplado

Glassblowing is a technique in which molten glass is inserted into a rod and shaped by blowing at one end and rolling the glass over a surface, while moulding it with tongs until the desired shape is obtained. Its origins date back to the 2nd century BC when this process was used for the manufacture of costume jewellery, and later on for the manufacture of tableware. 

No two pieces are ever the same, because bubbles or irregularities can form while they're being made, and this is the particular charm of these objects.


There are 3 glassblowing factories in Mallorca: Lafiore in Esporlas, Menestralia, originally founded in Campanet and currently located in Inca, and Gordiola in Algaida. There you can witness the handmade process of glassblowing first-hand, from start to finish, and you can even purchase the objects that are made. In the case of the Lafiore factory you can even blow your own piece of glass and buy it to take home a memento of the experience.


Currently the trade is starting to go into decline and it's for this reason that, in 2021, the glass of the Gordiola factory was recognised as Cultural and Material Heritage by the Spanish Government's Council of Ministers.

The Gordiola factory opened its doors in 1719 and is one of the last remaining glass blowing factories in Spain. 

Gabriel Gordiola was a great innovator in the blown glass sector, creating a very striking and distinctive style. He always worked with green glass and began with the creation of products intended for use in the kitchen, but also led the way in the use of blown glass as a decorative element.

The company has always known how to reinvent itself and meet the needs of its customers, without neglecting historical designs, and always preserving the essence that makes them so unique and special.


If you like this type of decoration and would like to witness the manufacturing process and even take a piece home with you, we recommend that you visit one of these factories - it's a unique experience that you're bound to love.