Lookout points and lighthouses in Mallorca


In Mallorca, we’re certainly fortunate people! If you don't know what to do when you’re here, then here at Son Jaumell, we’d like to recommend that you visit the lighthouses and lookout points (miradores) of Mallorca. It’s a really enjoyable way to spend a day, even in the Autumn and Winter.

Each one is special in its own way, and all have incredible locations and fascinating histories. And what do they all have in common? Their incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea!

And, to return to our opening statement…why exactly are we so fortunate?

That’s an easy one…wherever you go on the island, we can guarantee exceptional views from its lookout points.

In addition, many of these lookout points are linked to wonderful hiking routes that will keep you in close contact with nature. However, above all, they’ll help you appreciate the history that surrounds you which will take you back to times gone by when fortresses, watchtowers and monasteries played a very important role in life. So, which lookout points in Mallorca should you visit? In today’s article, we’re going to talk about 8 exceptional lighthouses and lookout points that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Sa FoRadada

This is one of the best-known and most popular spots in Mallorca due to its characteristic shape and something that really catches the eye - a hole that’s 33 metres high! If we let our imagination run wild, we can attribute different characteristics to it, the best known being the eye of a sea monster.

The viewpoint is located between Valldemossa and Deià and has an impressive route.

It’s also closely linked to the life of Archduke Lluís Salvador of Austria, who decided to build his mansion, Son Marroig, right here. It seems he had rather good taste, judging by the place he chose to live in! We recommend that you visit it and try the route for yourself and draw your own conclusions!

Es Colomer Mirador

Es Colomer is one of the most impressive miradores in Mallorca. It’s located in Pollença, and, to be exact, near the lighthouse of Cabo de Formentor, another essential stop which will make you fall in love with the Mallorcan landscape. Its rocky formations, cliffs, and the views of its never-ending blue sea will enrapture you. You won’t regret it!

Santuari de Cura

We know that the human eye has certain limits, but what if we were to tell you that this lookout point, located in Randa, gives you some incredible 360º views! It’s true! This lookout point is some 548 metres above sea level and, from it, you’ll be able to admire some truly beautiful parts of the island, including small villages, the bay of Palma, the Tramuntana mountain range (considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), and even Cabrera and Ibiza.

Mirador Ricardo Roca

You really can experience paradise, and the incredible views from Estellencs are proof of this! This is another wonderful lookout point on Mallorca, full of luscious vegetation and wildlife. It’s the sort of place you’ve dreamt of…and your dreams can come true!

Mirador de La Victoria

Let’s travel to the north of the island! We’d like to mention the lookout point at La Victoria, located in Alcúdia, where, as well as being able to enjoy the views of the bay, you can also observe medieval remains and a 13th-century hermitage surrounded by vegetation and pine trees.

Mirador del nudo de la corbata (tie knot lookout point)

We’re sure that its name alone is sure to have grabbed your attention! If the journey to the lookout point is impressive in itself, then imagine the views from the lookout point! Without a doubt, this is another of Mallorca's must-see lookout points.

But why is it called the “tie knot”? You’ll have to visit it and see!

Castillo de Bellver

Did you expect there to be a castle only 3 km from the centre of Palma? Well, there is, and it truly lives up to its name: the castle with “beautiful views”. Without a doubt, it’s an exceptional lookout point, full of luscious vegetation, and it stands out due to the fact that it’s one of Europe’s “rounded castles”.

Castillo de Santueri

Do you believe in fairy tales? In that case, you should visit Santueri Castle in Felanitx, one of the most legendary lookout points in Mallorca, full of memories and stories to tell.

And that's it, we hope you’ve enjoyed our “journey”!

Now it's up to you to choose where to go…fix your eyes on the horizon, and get ready to enjoy some relaxing and satisfying times.