Chefs Frank Rosin and Andreu Genestra proudly present a “four hands” menu in MallorcaChefs Frank Rosin y Andreu Genestra

Mackerel, red shrimp, duck, fish from the port, and a veal kebab. These are just a few of the menu ingredients that chefs Andreu Genestra (1*) and Frank Rosin (2**) offered this last weekend in Mallorca. The two chefs took part in a "four hands" event, presenting three different meals, one in Palma and two at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural Capdepera. The two chefs worked together and blended the best of Mediterranean and German gastronomy. Andreu Genestra has always been known for his clear and resolute commitment to Mallorcan produce, kilometre 0, and cooked using the most sophisticated techniques. Frank Rosin holds two Michelin stars and is one of the best-known chefs in his country and in the whole of Europe. Despite his fame, he has always stood out for his simple dishes with a clear commitment to local produce.

Frank Rosin arrived in Mallorca with a team of about ten experts, as well as German kitchenware, products, and wines. One of the dishes he prepared for the guests was mackerel with avocado and papaya. The fish is cooked cold for over 24 hours. Rosin and his team also delighted their guests with a duck liver chocolate bar served with truffled veal juice and fruit bread, and a whipped curd dumpling prepared with apricot and horseradish.


Andreu Genestra prepared a dish called FLOR with garden vegetables, "arroç brut" (rice casserole) broth and Elvira García Flower goat's cheese. He also cooked a fried duck gizzard and served it with boiled shrimp and a slightly spicy orange sauce. Genestra added some grilled fish with potato ravioli and red pepper piojillo, a beef kebab, chickpea tofu, smoked ricotta and falafel.


The special dinners were complemented by an exquisite room service, attending to the very small number of diners, around 80, last Saturday at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural. It was already sold out many weeks ago, as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see both chefs cooking together and blending the best of both cuisines. Three Michelin stars and a Green Star were brought together on this unique day. Wine was clearly at the fore of this event too. Customers were able to sample both Mallorcan and German wines, as well as cava.