Places to visit in Mallorca in Autumn


Mallorca is known for its paradise-like beaches, excellent cuisine, and rich culture, but what activities can you enjoy on the island during autumn? The temperatures drop, daylight hours shorten, and the trees turn various shades of color. However, the island still offers a wide range of activities in all its splendor once the summer season ends.

Exploring Different Villages on the Island

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mallorca in autumn is an excellent place for excursions to explore its various villages and discover the unique characteristics hidden in each of them. The first thing to do is decide which localities you're interested in visiting. Perhaps it's Valldemossa, where you can't leave without trying their traditional "coca de patata," or maybe Sóller, where you can take a journey back in time on the Sóller Train and don't forget the tram. Whether it's Pollença, Alcúdia, Port d’Andratx, or any other, any choice is a good one to get to know the island.


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Markets and Fairs

Connected to the previous point, one of the activities you can do in different villages is to visit their markets and the various "firas" (fairs in Mallorcan) that are organized. Markets take place throughout the week, so it's a matter of investigating which ones coincide with your visit to the island. Fairs, on the other hand, have specific dates and need to be planned in advance if you want to visit a particular one. Some examples of markets and fairs include the Sóller Market, the November Fair in Pollença, or the Dijous Bo in Inca, among many others.

Strolling on its Beaches Awaiting Sunset

Beaches are not just for summer, and autumn adds a different palette of colors to the scenery. The sunsets during this season are truly worth appreciating and should not be missed, whether for a romantic walk, a family picnic, or a photography session.

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Witnessing the "Figure of 8" Phenomenon at the Cathedral

The Mallorca Cathedral is impressive not only for its beauty but also for the unique reflection in the water. Twice a year, the "Figure of 8" spectacle occurs. It's a light display in which the Rose Window at the entrance reflects just below the one on the main façade, creating a play of lights where you can appreciate both at the same time. The marked dates are February 2nd (2/2) and November 11th (11/11). To witness this, you must arrive between 7 and 9 in the morning. Be there early, as it's a highly popular phenomenon that nobody wants to miss.


As we can see, these are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy on the island during autumn, which doesn't lag behind the summer season and continues to offer a variety of activities for solo travelers, families, or friends.