Places you shouldn't miss in the northeast of Mallorca


Summer's here! Are you looking for the best place to enjoy your vacation? Mallorca is a great option. If this destination is already on your list, check out these 3 places you should not miss in the northeast of the island and make the most of your summer in this wonderful Mediterranean paradise.

Capdepera, Artà and Cala Ratjada are three small and picturesque towns that offer a unique combination of history, culture, folklore and natural beauty. Visit them during your holidays in Mallorca and enjoy the medieval history of Capdepera, the authenticity of Artà and the out-of-this-world beaches of Cala Ratjada.


The Sanctuary of Sant SalvadorFoto 1[56]

Kick-start your adventure in Artà by going to the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador. This imposing church stands on top of a hill and offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscape. In addition to its architectural beauty, the sanctuary houses an interesting collection of religious art. It also has a small and cute souvenir shop where you can buy a memento of your journey.

Capdepera Castle and LighthouseFoto 3[82]

Near Artà, in Capdepera, you'll find a castle with the same name. This medieval fortress, built in the 14th century, sits atop a hill and offers stunning panoramic views of the surroundings. Stroll along its well-preserved walls, explore its towers and don't miss out on immersing yourself in the island's history while enjoying stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Capdepera's also home to the emblematic Capdepera Lighthouse, found in a privileged location at the easternmost point of the island. During your holidays in Mallorca, take a trip there and enjoy some stunning sea views. The best time to visit is at sunset when the sun paints the sky with warm colours and creates a magical atmosphere.

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is one of the most famous beaches in Mallorca. The fine white sand and crystalline waters make it the perfect place to relax, walk along the shore, or contemplate the dunes. Additionally, it's one of the best places in Mallorca for surfing and other water sports.

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