Savor the most mallorcan September


Every place has its customs, foods native to its region, and traditions that date back hundreds of years. There are dishes for autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Dishes that often transport us to specific places and moments, where we enjoy the flavors of the land. September is the perfect month to continue savoring summer with products from the Mallorcan countryside. Here are three Mallorcan recipes you can't miss if you're thinking of visiting the island in one of the best months to do so: September.

The common denominator in these recipes is the vegetables and fruits typical of the summer season in Mallorcan gardens. Some of the dishes we propose may require a bit more dedication, but in return, they can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge, making them very popular choices during the hottest days on the island.

The first dish you should note in your culinary recipe book is a typical island meal that is easy to prepare and is usually the perfect accompaniment for an evening with friends:

1. Trempó

This dish is a salad made with tomatoes, yellow peppers, white onions, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. It can be accompanied by other foods such as canned tuna, for example. However, the authentic recipe does not include them. Typically, this option is eaten with bread for dipping or Inca biscuits, which are also typical of the largest of the Balearic Islands.


2. Coca de trampó

Based on the previous salad, coca de trampó is a very popular and appreciated recipe on the island. Its preparation is simple but full of flavor, and it is always welcome on any Mallorcan table, regardless of the time of day. It consists of a flat, salty bread dough, called coca, with a layer of trempó vegetables on top. This delight is very popular in the region and can be found in any bakery throughout the year. However, it is an exquisite and refreshing option, perfect for enjoying this time of year. 


3. Tumbet

A delicious option to enjoy in the summer is the combination of eggplant, bell pepper, and potato, sliced and fried separately. These ingredients are arranged in alternating layers and covered with a generous amount of tomato sauce. While its preparation takes time over the stove, it is an ideal recipe to prepare in advance and can be enjoyed either cold, at room temperature, or hot. If desired, zucchini can be added to the repertoire of vegetables, and the dish can be completed with pork loin or a fried egg, adapting it to each person's taste.



Keep the taste of summer alive on your palate!