At Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural we’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary!


It has been ten years since we opened our doors for the first time on April 23rd 2012. A decade in which Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural has become a real point of reference in the area. Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and located just two kilometres from the village of Capdepera, the hotel stands out for its impressive historical, scenic, and heritage value.

Each of the 24 rooms that make up Predi Son Jaumell is different, and all of them feature the characteristic Mallorcan architectural style, which has been exquisitely preserved in each of the renovations that have been carried out in the hotel over the last 10 years. 

This rural hotel also offers two restaurants, run by Andreu Genestra. This prestigious chef has been awarded a Michelin Star and a Green Star, and his cuisine fulfils the same purpose as in Son Jaumell: to combine the traditional with the innovative, always offering something totally new.

The origins of Es Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural

The first references to this estate date back to the 17th century. In fact, many historians maintain that the estate is named after the monarch Jaume II. It’s curious to analyse the composition of both names and to see that "Jaume II" and "Jaumell" are spelt exactly the same if we pronounce the II as an “L”. 

As early as 1884, the famous Archduke Lluís Salvador referred in his writings to a large house located near a sandstone quarry in Capdepera. To this day, this marés is still a key and identifiable part of all the hotel’s buildings.

Architecture and design, tradition and avant-garde

The structure of the estate of the Es Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural clearly distinguishes the two large blocks that the buildings of this old Islamic farmhouse are divided into: the house of the lords, where the people in charge of the maintenance of the estate lived, and the house of the masters, where the owners of the property lived.

Over the years, these areas have undergone continuous renovations to ensure that our guests always feel comfortable. All of this while respecting the typical features of the architecture of these great Mallorcan houses. The estate owners strongly believe in the importance of maintaining and caring for the historical heritage that gives Es Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural its own identity and roots it firmly in Mallorcan nature. 

Avant-garde works of art, such as those by Gustavo or Joan Bennàssar, combine perfectly on the walls of the hotel with the simple, austere, and uncomplicated style of Mallorcan architecture, giving it a warm and very special atmosphere.  son-jaumell-10-aniversario

Michelin Star Cuisine

During this decade, the two restaurants of Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural have been both national and international points of reference. Just two years after its opening, Andreu Genestra's restaurant at the hotel was awarded a Michelin Star for its innovative culinary concept. In 2020, it also received the Michelin Guide Green Star, which rewards restaurants that respect the rhythms of nature and carry out initiatives to preserve the environment through resource management and waste disposal.

One of the factors that stand out in the Andreu Genestra restaurants at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural - Andreu Genestra and Senzill - is his commitment to sustainable gastronomy. The oil and wine served at their tables are produced in the estate's vineyards. And the fruit, vegetables, and greens used for cooking are also sourced from the hotel's own orchards.

A commitment to sustainability

Since its beginnings, Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural has been committed to respecting the natural surroundings of Mallorca, an island known worldwide for its rich biodiversity.

With the aim of reducing CO₂ and its carbon footprint, this rural hotel generates clean energy to heat water and its facilities, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, paper, cardboard, sugar cane, and starch have replaced single-use plastic throughout the hotel. Its car park even has a recharging station for electric cars, making it easier for guests to use clean energy with zero emissions for their journeys. In this way, Predi Son Jaumell has shown its clear commitment to sustainable tourism.

10 years with you

On behalf of all of us here at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural, we would like to take advantage of our tenth anniversary to thank each and every one of our guests for the confidence they have placed in our rural hotel, in our estate, and in our staff. Without you, none of this would have been possible!