What to see in Capdepera: discovering Mallorca's hidden gem


Located on the eastern tip of the island of Mallorca, you'll find Capdepera, a charming municipality that offers a journey through time thanks to its rich history and medieval architecture. While it's less known than other tourist destinations in Mallorca, Capdepera is a hidden treasure that's worth exploring, and after reading this post, you'll understand why.

In today's article, we'll take a tour of this beautiful place and show you what to see in Capdepera.


What to see and do in Capdepera

The origin of the name Capdepera comes from the Latin "caput petrae," which means "Cape of the Stone," or "Cap de la Pera" in medieval Catalan. This historic town was founded in 1300 as a fortified village, with the Capdepera Castle being the city's main attraction to this day. In addition to its rich history, Capdepera is known for its medieval monuments, making the municipality a popular destination for those interested in history and culture.

Below, we'll go through the main tourist attractions and tell you about the essential places to see in Capdepera:

Capdepera Castle

Dominating the old town is Capdepera Castle, a 14th-century fortress that is one of the best-preserved medieval castles on the island. It is surrounded by a stone wall and features a series of towers from which the coast was watched. The views from the walls are stunning, encompassing Mallorca's coastline and, on clear days, even the neighboring island of Menorca. Inside the castle, the Chapel of the Virgin of Hope houses an image of the Virgin that, according to legend, has miraculous powers.

Legend has it that during a siege by Berber pirates, the inhabitants of Capdepera took refuge in the castle and paraded the Virgin of Hope. Upon seeing the procession, the pirates believed that the castle was full of soldiers and decided to retreat.



The Old Town

Walking through the old town of Capdepera is another plan that you can't miss when visiting this town. The old area of Capdepera boasts being a labyrinth of narrow and steep streets, filled with stone houses with wrought-iron balconies and flower pots. In its entirety, it forms a photograph worthy of being captured.

Strolling through these streets is like stepping back in time since many of the buildings date back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

Capdepera Lighthouse

A few kilometers away, on the tip of the peninsula, is the Capdepera Lighthouse. This active lighthouse, dating back to 1861, is the easternmost point of Mallorca. In fact, from here, you can see the neighboring island of Menorca.

It is an ideal place to enjoy the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea and the natural landscape of the area. As a curiosity, we'll tell you that the light from this lighthouse can reach up to 42 kilometers in favorable weather conditions.

faro de Capdepera

Beaches and Coves

Capdepera boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in Mallorca. Cala Agulla, surrounded by a pine forest, is one of the most popular due to its fine sand and crystal-clear waters. Other coves like Cala Mesquida, Cala Moltó, and Cala Ratjada offer quieter and more intimate settings to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Medieval Festivals

Every year, in May, Capdepera celebrates the Medieval Festivals. This event is an opportunity for the residents of Capdepera and visitors to travel back in time to the medieval era. During the festivals, the streets of the town are filled with stalls of artisans, musicians, dancers, and actors who recreate scenes from everyday life in the Middle Ages.

One of the highlights of the festivals is the historical reenactment that takes place within Capdepera Castle. Participants dress in medieval costumes and engage in various activities such as demonstrations of ancient trades, knightly combat, and theatrical performances. So, if you're on the island in May, the Medieval Festivals are an event you must see in Capdepera.

Local Cuisine

The cuisine is another gem of Capdepera. Local restaurants offer a wide range of traditional Mallorcan dishes such as "sobrasada" (a pork sausage), "tumbet" (a vegetable stew), and "ensaimada" (a spiral-shaped sweet pastry). The region is also known for its excellent wines, so a wine tasting is an activity not to be missed during your visit.

Llevant Natural Park

For nature lovers, the Llevant Natural Park, located around Capdepera, is a must-visit place. This park offers a great diversity of flora and fauna, as well as numerous trails that traverse cliffs, forests, and beaches.

Capdepera Golf

For golf enthusiasts, Capdepera has one of the most attractive courses in Mallorca. The Capdepera Golf Club, designed by the famous architect Dan Maples, offers 18 holes in a stunning natural setting.


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In summary, Capdepera is a destination that combines history, natural beauty, stunning beaches, and a rich gastronomic culture. Whether you're looking to relax on a quiet beach, explore a medieval castle, or enjoy delicious local food, Capdepera has something to offer to all visitors. So, the next time you visit Mallorca, make sure to include Capdepera in your itinerary. I promise you won't be disappointed.