The best Romantic Activities in Mallorca


February is the month of love par excellence. The 14th is St Valentine's Day, the patron saint of lovers, but why just stick to this day to celebrate love? Mallorca is an island full of romantic locations. Here we'd like to show you some of them to convince you that Mallorca is the ideal place for a getaway for two, whatever the time of year. Let's celebrate love!

A Picnic At The Capdepera Lighthouse

The popular area known as Llevant de Mallorca is one of the most peaceful and paradisiacal areas on the island. Its coastline is breathtaking, and its villages beautiful and peaceful. Among them is the town of Capdepera, where Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural is located. Staying in this small coastal town of 11,000 inhabitants on the eastern end of the island is a must if you're thinking of organising a romantic trip with your partner to Mallorca. 

The Balearic Islands are blessed with a special climate that means we can organise outdoor activities at practically any time of the year there. That's why we suggest having a picnic at the famous Capdepera lighthouse, considered one of the most beautiful on the island. Surprise your partner with the stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean. 
Prepare a basket with a good wine and some cheese, and romance is guaranteed!


Romantic Activities For Sportspeople

Planes románticos en Mallorca (3)
Are you a sporty couple looking for sporty activities to do together? In that case, Mallorca is the place for you! The island offers endless possibilities for outdoor sports: from yoga classes on the sand right in front of the sea, to hiking routes in the Serra de Tramuntana - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and even paddle surfing along the island's coastline. 

If you're thinking of travelling to Mallorca on holiday and staying at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural, then you'll be pleased to know that there are several stunningly beautiful hiking routes in the area around our magnificent hotel. These include the Sa Mesquida d'Adalt, the Via Verda route, and the Font de Sa Cala to Es Claper des Gegants route.

A Stroll Through The Old Town Of Capdepera

Planes románticos en Mallorca (1)Those who visit the small town of Capdepera in Mallorca say that strolling through the village is like stepping into a magical fairy tale. If you’re thinking of surprising your partner with a romantic getaway to Mallorca, then you'll definitely want to set aside time in your itinerary to visit one of the most charming and charismatic villages on the island. Its small cobbled streets exude history at every step, and you'll be able to take a truly unforgettable trip back in time.

Lunch or dinner in any of its bars or local restaurants is a pleasure for all your senses. And, speaking of gastronomic pleasure for two, we'd like to remind you that at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural you'll find Senzill, the Bistro run by the prestigious Michelin-starred Mallorcan chef, Andreu Genestra, where you can discover what the Mediterranean truly tastes like with the very best zero-kilometre products.

Long live love!!