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    Awarded a Michelin star and two suns from the Repsol Guide, the Andreu Genestra restaurant, located in the Predi Son Jaumell Rural Hotel, is a perfect combination of the Mediterranean cuisine and the most sophisticated up to date culinary techniques. Andreu Genestra offers you a unique gastronomic experience, inviting you to get to know the most authentic Mallorcan flavours through his Cuina de la Terra (Mallorcan cuisine). This season he’s offering us something that he’s called Mediterrani Extrem 2.0. Genestra blends the flavours of the best cuisine from around the Mediterranean Sea: from Mallorca to Italy, via Greece, Turkey, and Israel. Diners can choose from the 3 dishes offered by the chef or go a la carte. And all of this in a 15th-century room for only 30 diners and with unrivalled customer service. The restaurant also has a wine cellar with more than 700 wines to choose from, and a choice of national artisan cheeses that are a real house trademark.

    • Andreu Genestra
    • Passion and genius

      He began his cooking career scrubbing pots in a tourist hotel when he was only 15 years old. At the age of 16, he began his studies at the Hotel Management School at the Balearic Islands University, located in Palma de Mallorca. When he finished his advanced studies, he started working in the kitchens of different 5-star Mallorcan hotels. At the age of 19, he travelled to Barcelona. There he started work in the Hotel Condes in Barcelona and stayed there for a year. He returned to Mallorca and worked under the watchful eye of chef Marc Fosh in the Read’s Hotel. This is where he learnt the basics of cooking. From Read`s he moved to Son Brull where he acquired his vision of the select Mallorcan cuisine. It was always his dream to work in the Basque Country, and, at the age of 21, he carried out his apprenticeship in Mugaritz and in Juan Mari Arzak's restaurant, two places that have influenced his career greatly. Back in Barcelona, his time at the restaurant Espai&Sucre taught him creativity in the world of desserts and he learnt from one of his favourite chefs, Jean Louis Neichel. In 2008 he started work at El Bulli, owned by Ferran Adrià. He worked for two years under the Catalan chef. His first position as head chef came in an emblematic hotel, the Formentor. Genestra was in charge of his restaurant, El Pi, for three years. For Andreu, gastronomy has no borders and he has also worked in London, Stockholm, Brazil, Moscow, Paris, Miami, and in Kuwait for the country's Royal Family. After returning from Kuwait, he realized that it was time to start a new chapter in his life and he put down roots in his homeland, Mallorca. Extremely satisfied with his international experience, he decided to open his own restaurant in April 2011: the "Andreu Genestra" in Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural in Capdepera. .

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  • Team

    One of the keys to success is the perfect combination of talents. Andreu Genestra has surrounded himself with a group of young, versatile and enthusiastic kitchen staff who work hard every day to offer the best of their abilities. This results in an excellent rapport between chefs, pastry cooks and restaurant staff. Motivation with high quality products is our main guarantee.