Discover how to save water when traveling


Saving water is one of the small things we can do for the environment, but it becomes more challenging when traveling. However, it's not impossible. Here are some tips to ensure that saving water during your vacation doesn't pose any problems for you.

Reduce Shower Time

Although it may be challenging at times, the optimal goal is to take showers that last no more than five minutes. If this is not possible due to various inconveniences (such as having long hair or similar), the best option is to consider keeping the shower faucet open only during rinsing and closing it during washing.

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Turn Off the Faucet When Brushing Teeth and Washing Hands

This measure is very common for saving water at home; however, it is sometimes forgotten while traveling. It's important to close the faucet when brushing your teeth and washing your hands, using it only for rinsing to save water.

Reuse the Same Towel

Avoid sending hotel towels for laundry every day, as this helps reduce water consumption significantly. Keep in mind that if they are bath towels, they will be used after a shower. If we let them dry, we can reuse them without any problem, saving water consumption.

Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Carrying a reusable water bottle helps save water and also avoids the use of plastics. This way, we can have a bottle that suits our needs, allowing us to control the amount of water we drink without wasting or running out.

These are some tips for saving water while traveling. It's important to care for the environment at all times, and even when on vacation, we cannot relax when it comes to taking care of the planet.