Everything you need to know about the island of Cabrera


Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the most popular tourist destinations? Do you long for an authentic experience that brings you closer to nature and immerses you in the rich history of the Mediterranean? Then, the Island of Cabrera, located south of Mallorca, is the perfect place for you. This island, part of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, is a sanctuary of biodiversity and a living testimony to the Balearic history. From its stunning marine landscape to its 14th-century castle, Cabrera promises a unique adventure full of discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

In this post, we will take you on a virtual journey through the Island of Cabrera, sharing the best places to visit and the most exciting activities to do in this Mediterranean paradise. Get ready to explore Cabrera, a hidden treasure in Mallorca!

What to see and do on the Island of Cabrera?

The Island of Cabrera is part of an archipelago of 19 small islets and is considered a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. This oasis possesses one of the most preserved examples of marine life in the entire Mediterranean, and its almost untouched coast hosts a vast number of species.

Visitors can explore the island through boat tours, enjoy its authenticity, and admire its stunning natural landscape. Cabrera is ideal for spending a peaceful and uninterrupted time, with wonderful places for hiking, snorkeling, bird watching, taking photographs, or simply relaxing. Among its greatest charms, you will find the following:

1. Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre del Archipiélago de Cabrera

Cabrera's main attraction is its national park, one of the most notable examples of marine life in the Mediterranean. Here you will find an impressive variety of flora and fauna, including several endemic and endangered species. The park also offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, and bird watching.

2. Castillo de Cabrera

Located on top of a hill, Cabrera Castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of the archipelago and the Mediterranean Sea. This 14th-century fortress, built to protect the island from pirates, is a fascinating testament to Cabrera's rich history. Although the castle has suffered the passage of time, parts of its walls and towers are still preserved.

3. Cova Blava

This sea cave, 40 meters long and 20 meters high, is located on the island's cliff coast. It is famous for the luminous phenomenon that occurs when sunlight is reflected in the water, creating a bright blue effect that gives the cave its name. Swimming in the Cova Blava is an unforgettable experience and is one of the highlights of any excursion to Cabrera. Whether you arrive by boat or swim from the nearby beach, the Cova Blava is a magical place you must not miss.

4. Beaches and Coves

Cabrera's beaches and coves are ideal for are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun. The beach of s'Espalmador, with its crystal-clear waters and golden sand, is one of the most popular. Although it is smaller than its counterpart, Sa Platgeta, S'Espalmador is known for its natural beauty and impressive rocky seabeds. This secluded and quiet beach is perfect for those looking for a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. The beach is mixed, with areas of sand, stones, and pebbles, and is surrounded by lush vegetation that contributes to its serene atmosphere. In addition to relaxing on the beach, visitors can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the clear Mediterranean waters surrounding S'Espalmador.

How to get to the Island of Cabrera?

Getting to Cabrera is part of the adventure. Since it is a national park, access is limited to protect its fragile ecosystem. You can take a boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi, in the south of Mallorca. The journey takes about an hour and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean and the archipelago.

It is important to remember that, due to access restrictions, it is recommended to book your trip in advance, especially during the summer months. Some companies offer guided tours that include transportation, a visit to the national park, and free time to explore the island.

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The Island of Cabrera is an exceptional destination for those looking for a unique experience in nature. From its rich biodiversity to its stunning natural beauty and historical heritage, Cabrera has something for everyone. So, if you are looking for a place to disconnect, learn, and explore, the Island of Cabrera should be on your list of places to visit.