What to See and Do in Manacor: A Journey to the Heart of Mallorca


In the heart of the beautiful island of Mallorca lies Manacor, a city full of charm, history, and vibrant culture. As the second-largest city on the island, Manacor is known for its thriving pearl and furniture industries, but it also hosts a variety of tourist attractions and unique activities. From its charming cobbled streets to its crystalline beaches, along with its rich gastronomy and historical heritage, Manacor invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world full of surprises.

Get ready to explore and discover everything to see and do on your visit to Manacor. Let's get started!

The Early Days of Manacor

The history of Manacor dates back thousands of years. The earliest signs of human presence in the territories now occupied by the municipality of Manacor date back to 2000-1200 B.C. During this time, the first human settlements were established in the area, marking the beginning of a long and varied history.

Under Muslim occupation, Manacor was the capital of the juz de Manqur, a toponym of Berber origin, hence the current name of Manacor. The origin of the city of Manacor is probably older than Islamic domination.

In 1300, King Jaume II granted Manacor the status of a villa, a milestone that marked an important point in its history. By 1503, Manacor had around 2,000 inhabitants spread across about 200 houses built on fifteen streets, many of which still exist today.

Throughout the centuries, Manacor has undergone numerous changes and developments, reflected in its architecture, culture, and population. Today, the city is known for its thriving pearl and furniture industry, as well as being the home of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal.

What to See and Do in Manacor

Manacor, located in the northeast of Mallorca, is the second-largest urban center on the island and a destination full of charm, history, and culture. Known for its pearl and furniture industry, this city offers a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. Here are some highlights of what you can see and do in Manacor:

 1. Visit the Majorica Pearl Factory

Manacor is famous for its artificial pearls, and Majorica is the most well-known brand. At the factory, you can learn about the manufacturing process of these unique pearls and purchase high-quality jewelry.

2. Explore the Historic Center

The historic center of Manacor is filled with old buildings and cobbled streets. Don't miss the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, an impressive Gothic building dating back to the 16th century.

3. Enjoy Local Beaches

Although Manacor is about 10 km from the coast, there are many beautiful beaches nearby. Some of the most popular ones include Cala Domingos, Cala Murada, and Cala Romántica.


4. Visit the Museum of Manacor History

This museum offers a fascinating insight into the history of Manacor, from prehistory to modern times. Exhibits include archaeological artifacts, historical photographs, and temporary exhibitions.

5. Stroll Through the Local Market

Manacor is famous for its weekly markets, where you can buy everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to local crafts and antiques. Undoubtedly, an ideal place to visit if you want to take home a souvenir from the island.

6. Explore the Tower of the Enagistes

This medieval tower, once part of the city's defenses, is one of the most important landmarks in Manacor. From its top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

7. Try Local Cuisine

Manacor's restaurants offer a wide variety of local dishes, including "tumbet," a traditional vegetable dish, and "sobrasada," a spicy pork sausage.

8. Visit the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre

Manacor is also the hometown of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. The sports center named after him includes a museum dedicated to his career, as well as facilities for playing tennis and other sports.


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In summary, Manacor offers a fascinating mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you love the beach, history, or gastronomy, you'll find something to love in this corner of Mallorca.