Discover gastronomic tourism in the North of Mallorca
Gastronomic tourism is one of the best ways to explore the island and immerse ourselves in its culture.

Experience the gastronomy of Mallorca and discover its flavours

Generally, Mallorca is associated with sun,beaches and coves with an impressive turquoise sea, architectonic heritage andwhy not a great nightlife? It’s clear that this extensive, but at the same timegreat island, has yet another incentive of great interest in terms of what tosee and enjoy: its outstanding cuisine.

So, what is Mallorcan cuisine?

As it just couldn’t be any other way, Mallorcan gastronomy is typically Mediterranean, synonymous with a healthy,balanced and varied diet. In this sense, Mallorca’s climate and its naturepromote the growth of plenty of its own, fresh produce; from fruit, veg andfish to its own breed of pig: the black pig, or porc negre.

Traditional products in the north ofMallorca

The most typical products on the island arecured meats, cheeses and desserts. Some of the most typical include sobrasada(spiced, cured sausage spread), botifarró (raw, cured sausage) and camaiot(spiced blood sausage). The best way of enjoying them is accompanied by typicalMallorcan bread and olives: brown bread and extra virgin ‘arbequina’ olive oil,made with local olives.

Jumping straight into dessert, Mallorca andits pastries come hand in hand. The star dish, or at least the most well-knowndish exported to other parts of the world, is the ensaimada pastry. This is aversatile dessert that can be filled with sweet ingredients, angel hair or savouryingredients, including sobrasada for example. This is the perfect treat whichincorporates two of the island’s most typical ingredients in just one mouthful.

Mallorcan pastries don’t stop there! Thereare many typical products including the Mallorcan robiols, pastries typical duringHoly Week which are generally filled with angel hair, jam or flan. Anothertypical offering are the cocarrois, delicious Mallorcan-style pasties.

Typical dishes

The frito mallorquín, is a dish ofexcellence in Mallorcan cuisine, as the original recipe dates back to the 14thcentury and it can be made with a variety of seasonal vegetables, depending onthe time of year.

It is a very popular dish made for events,celebrations and parties, as it can be made with a wide variety of vegetables,pork, lamb or fish. Spice can also be added for an original twist.

Mallorcan-style snails is a dish ofseafaring origin, up there with the previous dish in terms of popularity. Thesnails are accompanied by a broth, potatoes and other ingredients, all of whichare combined to create an authentic delicacy.

Dirty rice or arròs brut is one of theisland’s star dishes. The result is a soupy rice dish which combines variedingredients including meat, cured meats, vegetables or mushrooms.

Tradition and modernity come hand in handin Mallorcan cuisine in the restaurant at hotelPredi Son Jaumell, led by famous, Michelin star award-winning chef, AndreuGenestra. It’s the perfect example of this harmonious fusion. The dishes areinnovative but based on tradition, using as many local products as possible. Atrue treat for the palate.