Mallorcan gastronomy: cuisine with a Michelin Star
The perfect example of the Mediterranean diet

Mallorcan gastronomy with a Michelin star

There’s no better way to get to know a place than through the senses and gastronomy is certainly one that appeals to them all. Exploring flavours, textures and aromas allows you to discover a lot about the tradition and history of a region.

That is why it is no coincidence that delving into the local culture through its products, recipes and food is one of the most popular activities undertaken by visitors to Mallorca. As well as spectacular beaches, fascinating history and marvellous landscapes, the island also allows you to enjoy top-class gastronomy.

The gastronomy of Mallorca: the authentic flavour of the Mediterranean

The gastronomy of Mallorca is the perfect example of the Mediterranean diet, a diet based on the use of quality local products, from the land and the sea, creating a balance between different flavours. Its landscapes produce a great variety of quality ingredients every year, giving freshness and flavour to its dishes.

In Mallorca, we can find legumes and grapes, with which wines and oils are made; beef, pork and porc negre are also present in a number of dishes. These local ingredients are used to create the region's traditional dishes, as well as cured meats and desserts - two outstanding aspects of Mallorcan gastronomy.

Dishes to get to know the island

To begin your culinary journey, you should try some of the cured meats produced on the island, such as sobrassada, botifarró and camaiot, which are best served with homemade bread and arbequina oil, one of the olive varieties grown on the island.

The second stop is the frito mallorquín, a recipe that dates back to the 14th century and is made with different vegetable, offal and meat products depending on the season of the year.

Nor would a visit to Mallorca be complete without trying arròs brut (or ‘dirty rice’, so called because of the colour of the broth). This is a very traditional rice broth from the Mallorcan countryside that mixes game meat, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables.

By now, dessert time is fast approaching and it’s time to taste some Mallorcan pastries. One of the island’s best-known items globally is the ensaimada. It’s a very versatile pastry that can be either sweet or savoury, depending on its filling.

But Mallorca offers more: cuartos embadurnados, cocas and typical almond sweets all await the most sweet-toothed visitors.

Cuisine with a star

In the same way that Mallorca's gastronomy is made up of the tradition of local products, it is also very open to the influence of contemporary cuisine, offering a great variety for the increasingly demanding palates of visitors.

The high quality of production on the island, together with the experience and imagination of professionals in the sector, has resulted in Mallorca becoming a benchmark culinary destination.

As of 2019, Mallorca has eight Michelin stars, which are distributed across the island. Two of the stars are reserved for Fernando Pérez Arellano and his restaurant Zaranda, which focuses on reviving the traditional recipes and flavours of the land. A similar offering can be found among the following star-winning chefs: José Miguel Navarro in Es Fum, Josef Sauerschell in Es Racó d'es Teix and Macarena de Castro, the only woman to receive this recognition. Her recently-rebranded restaurant Maca de Castro, formerly Jardín, has boasted a Michelin star since 2012.

Also maintaining the fusion of traditional Mallorcan recipes with influences from other cultures is Argentinian chef Adrián Quetglas and, among the most creative options from the school of so-called “cocina libre” (or free cuisine), are Argos, which got its star with chef Álvaro Salazar, who is now working with his team on another project, and restaurant of the British chef Marc Fosh, which bears his name.

The final of the ten Michelin stars in Mallorca is held by the young chef Andreu Genestra, the chef of our restaurant Bistro Senzill. Situated within the spectacular architecture of the Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural, you are certain to be delighted with what is a unique experience. Andreu Genestra puts his own special spin on Mallorcan traditions, delivering truly innovative dishes.

Are you ready to savour Mallorca?