PREDI SON JAUMELL: A rural hotel with centuries of history
A magical holiday in a place replete with history, heritage, and beautiful scenery.

When you stay at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural, you’ll enjoy the magical experience of staying in one of the most historic rural hotels in Mallorca. The first information we have about the Son Jaumell estate dates back to the 17th century. In fact, some historians maintain that the name Son Jaumell comes from Jaume II, the Catalan name for King James II of Aragon (1267-1327). So, the walls of this hotel establishment have at least four hundred years of history and are part of a property that has always been a point of reference in the Capdepera area and in Mallorca as a whole.

Son Jaumell is located in an area replete with history, heritage and wonderful scenery. The hotel was originally an old Islamic farmhouse and, in 1884, the famous Archduke Luis Salvador spoke in his writings of a great house located close to some marés (sandstone) quarries. This Mallorcan sandstone is still a key element in the buildings of Son Jaumell today and is the main feature of many of the rooms and buildings.

The old houses on the estate have been exquisitely refurbished over the years, always respecting the finest details of the Mallorcan houses, popularly known as possessions, and located in the island’s largest estates.

Tradition and avant-garde blend with exquisite taste in one of the hotels that has best preserved the architectural essence of Mallorca. Avant-garde works of art, such as those by Gustavo or Joan Bennàssar, combine perfectly with the simple, sober, and comfortable style of the island's most characteristic architecture and design.

Today, in the hotel, you can still make out what used to be the two large blocks that the estate’s buildings were once divided into. On the left was the old masters’ house, who were in charge of looking after the estate; and on the right, what used to be the house of the lords, i.e. the owners of the property. These areas have now been converted, thanks to some magnificent renovations, into large, comfortable, airy, and bright common areas, and large, comfortable, spacious rooms - most of them with large terraces that open to the outside and from which you can enjoy the superb natural surroundings.

At Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural, there are still elements steeped in heritage, as well as many small elements and details that remind us of the estate’s glorious past. Such elements include a round sandstone arch, a sundial dating from 1767, the walls of an old tower that once stood between the houses of the masters and the lords, a threshing floor for the cereals, a wine cellar, the areas where the animals were sheltered, pigsties, a cowshed, land where the cattle grazed, and much much more!

This all goes to show the importance of livestock farming on the estate. The innkeeper’s house and the old chapel are also still standing, set in the middle of the garrigue forest, as well as another charming little house located right in the middle of the holm oak forest.

Nature, history, heritage, and modern architecture all combine perfectly at Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural. All the reforms carried out on the estate's buildings have been undertaken without forgetting the essence and origins of the land the hotel lies on. Nowadays, Predi Son Jaumell Hotel Rural combines exquisite architecture and decoration - very much inspired by the nature of the island – and its simplicity and sobriety don’t take away from its comfort or charm in the slightest. Baskets, lamps and objects made of tin, organic cotton fabrics, Mallorcan stone, local sandstone, clay elements, iron furniture...

It’s all part of the design, decoration, and architecture that recall and enhance the simplicity of those small Mallorcan luxuries that bring comfort, peace, and wonder into our lives.