Culture and travel are united by project Room 2016
In 2016, Hotel Son Jaumell welcomed Adam Zagajewski as the guest for the 1st edition of project Room 2016

Project room 2016

The ties between travel and culture have always been very strong. Many hotels throughout the world welcome artists and accompany them in their journey through the creative process. Just imagine Picasso or Hemingway and their memorable stays at Hotel Oriente in Barcelona or when Borges, Victoria Ocampo o Octavio Paz stayed at Hotel Gellért in Budapest or at Plaza de Buenos Aires. These hotels offered artists refuge, inspiration, and hospitality, allowing their creativity to flourish.

Room 2016 was created in an effort to unite travel with literary culture and provide the best atmosphere for literary creation. The initiative was propelled by Hotel Son Jaumell in Capdepera, Majorca, The Universitat de les Illes Balears (The University of The Balearic Islands) and PEN Catalá (an organization which promotes literature and freedom of expression), and encourages cultural patronage in the hotels of Majorca. Room 2016 provides an opportunity to explore and celebrate the relationship between travel and literary culture.

Room 2016, an initiative that unites travel, culture, and hotels in Majorca

It wasn´t a coincidence that Majorca was chosen for this project. The island receives visitors with diverse interests including beaches, tranquility, culture, cuisine, and sports, making it the perfect place for holidays. Room 2016 goes one step further and offers an authentic cultural exchange which results in a positive experience for all visitors. It presents a plausible and sustainable travel model which pays respect to artistic creation and draws worldwide attention.

Room 2016 aims at growing and experimenting with new creative travel formulas to enhance the experience of our hotel guests. “With the concept of creativity, space, and hospitality, we hope that the artist can create his or her art so that they may later share it with the world,” explained Georgina Sas, one of the project coordinators, during her presentation. Artists who love the island as well as avid cultural travellers now have Majorca as a preferred destination for rest, relaxation, and creativity.

Hotel Son Jaumell welcomed Adam Zagajewski as a guest during the 1st edition of Room 2016

Adam Zagajewski was the first Room 2016 guest. In September of last year, the polish poet chose Hotel Son Jaumell as his work residence in Capdepera, Majorca. Recently awarded the 2017 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature, he said that he was honoured by the invitation from Room 2016. The writer has maintained a special relationship with Majorca since discovering the island in 2005.

After his stay in 2016, one of the seven junior suites of Hotel Son Jaumell was named Adam Zagajewski in honour of this important poet of contemporary literature.

Zagajewski, who was born in the Ukrain in 1945, is a poet, novelist and essayist who has become one of the most famous contemporary Polish poets. Opposing the communist regime, he was exiled from Poland after his work was prohibited. He spent time in Germany, Paris, and The United States before returning to Krakow, Poland in 2002, where he currently lives. He is the author of poems such as To Go To Lvov (1985) and Retorno (2003) as well as essays such as In Defence of Fervour (2002).

Hotel Son Jaumell in Majorca offers you the privilege of staying in the same room where Adam Zagajewski enjoyed his stay, surrounded by the beauty of this spectacular island.