Why a trip to the Artá Caves in Capdepera is a MUST!
A unique trip for discovering the natural wonders of Majorca: The Artá Caves

Discover one of the wonders of Mallorca, the Caves of Artà

A trip to the Artá Caves is an absolute must if you are staying at Hotel Son Jaumell during your holidays. These stunning caves are located in the majestic township of Capdepera, in Cap Vermell. Surrounded by towering mountains on the coast of Majorca, this authentic natural phenomenon on the island can´t be missed.

The Artá Caves, a stunning natural phenomenon in Majorca, close to Hotel Son Jaumell

You will be amazed with every step you take through the chambers of these spectacular Caves on the island. As you enter, your eyes will gaze upon the incredibly high arches of the entrance area called the Vestibule (Vestíbulo), filled with stunning stalactites with their prodigious shapes and extraordinary proportions. As you gaze downward, you will encounter the stalagmites rising majestically from the ground towards the ceiling, vaguely resembling human figures in some cases. Let´s begin with a stroll through one of the most surprising coves and its impressive chambers bearing names that were inspired by Dante Alighieri´s Divine Comedy.

•The chamber of “The Queen of Pillars”

As you gaze upon The Queen of Pillars (La Reina de las Columnas), reaching up to the ceiling with its impressive height of 22 metres, you will see clearly why it was named as such.

•The “Inferno”

Our exploration now takes us into the chamber of The Inferno (El Infierno) where we are greeted with music from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. This fantastic sound and light show which lasts for 3 minutes, will awaken your senses as you proceed to Purgatory, the Theatre and Organ chamber.

•The chamber of “The Bells”

We now enter the chamber of The Bells (Sala de las Campanas) where you will once again be captivated by sound. This time it is the sound that the pillars reproduce upon being hit. Each sound that resonates from each of these pillars is unique and impressive.

•The chamber of “Diamonds”

Our visit now leads us into the chamber of The Elephant (El Elefante). On our way to exiting this chamber, we will pass by The Chamber of Diamonds (El Salón de Diamantes) which received its name from the similarity in appearance between the rock formations in this chamber and Diamond gems as well as the fact that both contain carbon in their composition.

A visit to the Artá Caves by the sea in Capdepera

After taking our imaginary tour through these spectacular caves, the only thing left is to select a day for your actual visit and enjoy this incredible natural phenomenon. The tour lasts approximately 35-40 minutes with guides available in English, Spanish, French, or German. You can experience the special magic of the Artá caves between 10am and 7pm during the summer months (July-September). As the temperatures inside the cave can reach 18ºC with 80% humidity, we recommend bringing a jacket.

As you leave The Artá Caves you will encounter a final surprise: standing upon an impressively high cliff with breathtaking views of the Bahía de Canyamel. Majorca, the Mediterranean and these incredible natural wonders are well worth the visit during your holidays at Hotel Son Jaumell. Capdepera, on the spectacular island of Majorca, is the perfect place to spend your next holidays and the trip to The Artá Caves is just one of the many unique experiences you will have during your stay.